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Sales and Marketing Firm La Dominion Acquisitions Teach 5 Tips for Overturning Sales Objections

La Dominion Acquisitions acknowledge sales objections are a part of everyday business. The London based firm outline 5 ways to simplify the sales pipeline and overturn some common objections.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, February 15, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- To be a successful business, sales is the single most important factor that must be mastered. La Dominion Acquisitions confirm both small businesses and large corporations rely on customers and every person that comes into contact with that potential new customer (even those without a sales title) must know how to present the company's product or service in a positive manner.

Conscientious potential customers will without a doubt bombard a company representative with questions and in most cases a few objections. This is natural, as human beings have a need to understand a brand before making a purchase commitment. Some of these objections are real concerns and others are to gauge the kind of sales person they are interacting with.

How well does your sales force handle objections?

La Dominion Acquisitions outline some key areas to work on:

1) Know your product. 'Knowing your product or service does not stop at merely understanding the difference between your product and your competitors, it is essential to know how your product benefits your target audience' says Adina Stoleru, MD at La Dominion Acquisitions.

2) Keep it short and simple. Often there is only a few seconds of time to full engage the customer before they turn their attention elsewhere. It's important to make them ask for more. It's that elevator pitch--the 15 to 30 second synopsis of why they should pay attention and learn about the product. This is the time period that could make or break the sale. What do you want them to know right now? Hint: They are looking for something better than what they have. Why do you have it?

3) Build trust. It is all but impossible to sell something to a customer who does not trust either the sales person or the brand. Dale Carnegie, in his book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" said that the way to a sale is to have a genuine interest in people. La Dominion Acquisitions suggest factors that build trust include, consistency in the marketing message, confidence in the product and truely believe what you are selling has a unique selling proposition that will benefit the customer.

4) Bring up the objection first. La Dominion Acquisitions recommends asking about the likely objection right at the outset. "We don't claim to be cheapest but once you try us, you'll find that the value you receive far outweighs the price." For each objection give them the answer that would solve the objection. "What if I could show you that our service will cut your costs by 5 percent the first year?"

5) Avoid Buzz Words. Salesy words like cutting edge, innovative, or best in class are not only cheesy, and they do nothing to sway a person's opinion. 'Be direct and only say you are the best if you have data to back it up' adds Adina Stoleuru.

La Dominion Acquisitions have worked in outsourced sales for close to 3 years; the firm believe integrating these simple tips for overturning objections will offer great value to any business.

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