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Sales vs Marketing: How Ventas Central Prevent Internal Feuds

With research showing the breakdown between sales and marketing becoming more apparent, Ventas Central may have the solution to fix the rift.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, June 05, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Harvard Business Review released an article: 'Ending the War between Sales and Marketing' which raised common issues with 'The Buying Funnel. Ventas Central suggests the many challenges highlighted in the report can be avoided by merging the sales and marketing functions.

At a brief glance Sales and Marketing are two departments that are deeply connected in terms of generating and retaining customer relationships. In many ways this is the case, however delve a little deeper and it's soon apparent that the moment one department appears to be underperforming, the finger of blame is quick to point to the other. The Harvard business Review released an article suggesting the reason behind this feud is to do with 'the Buying Funnel'. With marketing sat at the top of the funnel they begin the process of brand development and awareness, which brings the brand to the attention of the customer. The sales team then follow the plan set out by marketers to follow up individual sales and create customer relationships. The problem with this model is that once the sales department is working through a strategy devised by marketing, the marketing team at this stage has little to no input. The same can be said for when marketers are working on an initial plan for sales or product development, Sales can become frustrated when they believe marketing are not taking their customer relationship based knowledge into account to deliver what they believe the customer really wants.

About Ventas Central:

Ventas Central offers and delivers services that could soon see these internal disputes as a thing of the past, Josh Peace of Ventas central believes having these departments working in unity is essential for a company to increase revenue: "Lack of alignment ends up hurting corporate performance for many businesses, our methods mean there is no room to pass blame for ill-performance - we simply must succeed," Josh Peace of Ventas Central.

Ventas Central offer market research and analysis from a customer experience point of view, by feeding this customer lead research back to the marketing team, both departments (sales and marketing) are on the same page when it comes to what the customer really wants out of the products or services on offer. By using direct marketing strategies, Ventas central can allow a business to meet customers face-to-face that will not only generate sales, but also keep the channel of communication between marketing and sales open, as customer feedback can be passed on to improve a marketer's approach.

By working in unity the potential from both departments' increases significantly. A marketing department can work hard to create an impressive campaign, however in order for this to be relevant they need the sales department to push through with acquiring new customers. Ventas Central believes that by uniting these two departments and blurring the lines between them companies will not only benefit from a greater understanding of their customer, but also see a reflection in the profit that they generate.

At Ventas Central energetic and diverse perspectives unite under one vision. They are a young company with a wealth of experience behind them. From the unwavering principles of quality, excellence, leadership and ethics; come progressive partnerships and dynamic results.

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