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Samson Trailways Discusses Reasons to Hire an Atlanta Bus Charter for Your Group Outings This Season

Heading out on the road with family and friends can be fun, but the logistics of organizing several cars in a convoy can boggle the mind.

    NORCROSS, GA, January 08, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Having the entire family follow each other in their respective cars doesn't always work out as planned. Uncle Frank gets caught by a red light and loses the group. Aunt Leslie and the kids have to pull over for a bathroom break because Jack realizes he's just squeezed a 16oz soda into a 10oz bladder. Gas stops, lunch breaks and wrong turns add hours to the journey, and by the time you finally pull into your destination, everyone is thoroughly frazzled from the trip.

Why not avoid all that hassle with an Atlanta bus charter this season? Whether you're heading across the country or just a couple of hours down the road, here are a few reasons why bus rentals will give you a stress-free, pleasant ride.

It'll Save Money
Gas prices are climbing higher all the time, and with a convoy of cars guzzling through tanks of it, you'll soon find a fun day out turns into an expensive proposition. A single charter bus, though, will get much better gas mileage than the combined cost of multiple cars, leaving more cash where it belongs: in your pocket.

It'll Get You There Trouble Free
With countless friends and relatives in tow, it can be easy for members of a caravan to fall behind. Even with GPS, if someone gets caught by a red light, takes a single wrong turn or misses the exit, you can find yourself going in circles to keep the group together. If you hire an Atlanta charter bus for your outing, however, you can find peace in the idea that the whole group will reach its destination on time and all together.

You'll Be Helping the Earth
The average car in the U.S. offers a fuel economy of just 23MPG, so three cars will quickly guzzle gallons of gas and emit vast volumes of CO2. By transferring all of those passengers into a single bus, however, you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint over the course of a long journey. A single vehicle will also help relieve congestion on the roads, which is always a problem during the vacation season. This will help traffic flow more smoothly and efficiently.

You'll Be Able to Relax
Any parent who's spent time behind the wheel with the kids yelling in the backseat knows that a long journey can be a painful experience. Not only do they have to concentrate on the road ahead, but they also need to police the kids - an experience most would happily avoid. Atlanta bus rentals can make those hassles a thing of the past. On a comfortable, spacious bus, you can recline your seat, close your eyes and relax until you reach your destination.

"Going on vacation is supposed to be fun, but it can be stressful," notes Tom Sambdman, Vice President of Samson Trailways. "Having someone else carry some of that stress is a great way to refocus on the purpose of the get-together in the first place: to enjoy each other's company."

It's a More Fun Way To Travel Together
Finally, unless you've invested in a high-end AV system in your car, there probably isn't much in the way of entertainment to keep the kids occupied on a long journey. There are, however, options for bus rentals that offer full entertainment systems to keep everyone amused on the road. Movies, TV shows and even video games are available for all passengers in many luxury buses. If you've ever flown long distances, you know how seat-back entertainment can be a great way to pass the time over a long journey.

It's clear that an Atlanta bus charter can offer the perfect solution for your family outings. Buses are green, cheap, relaxing and entertaining. With that in mind, why on earth would anyone want to take their own cars?

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