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San Antonio, Texas Podiatrist Ensures Children Have Proper Foot Care

As a podiatrist in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Ed Davis places a strong emphasis on proper foot care for children.

As a podiatrist in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Ed Davis places a strong emphasis on proper foot care for children.

    SAN ANTONIO, TX, February 21, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Parents often worry about their children's teeth, eyes, and other parts of their body. Moms and Dads teach their children how to wash, brush, and groom, but sometimes ignore their child's feet as they are still developing. Many adult foot ailments, as with other health issues, have their origins in childhood and can be present at birth. Periodic professional attention and regular foot care from Dr. Ed Davis, a San Antonio, Texas podiatrist, can minimize these problems in a child's life later on.

"Neglecting your child's foot health invites problems in other parts of the body, such as the legs and back. Foot health begins in childhood because your child's feet must carry him or her for a lifetime. Your child's life is certain to be happier and more enjoyable if you have your child develop strong, healthy feet as he or she grows into adulthood," said San Antonio podiatrist, Dr. Ed Davis.

In the first year, a child's foot grows rapidly reaching almost half their adult foot size. As a podiatrist in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Davis considers the first year to be the most important in regards to development. To help ensure normal growth, parents should allow their baby to kick and stretch his or her feet and make sure shoes and socks do not squeeze their toes.

Children should not wear shoes until they can walk, so avoid pram shoes, which are normally soft, and usually made to match outfits. For babies, avoid tightly wrapped blankets that prevent kicking and leg movement. Walking barefoot, where it is safe, is also good for children. However, children's feet are vulnerable to deformity from any ill-fitting footwear or hosiery until the bones are completely formed at about 18 years of age. In addition, socks made from natural materials are better for your child's feet than stretch-fit socks.

"When buying shoes for your child, the shape of the shoe and the toe area should be wide and round, allowing for toes to move and spread. It is also important for the shoe to have a lace or a buckle, without this your child's toes will claw to hold the shoe on. The heel of the shoe should not be too high, as high heels can also result in foot deformity," said Dr. Davis, a podiatrist in San Antonio.

Parents are encouraged to contact Dr. Ed Davis for further consultation on their child's growing, active feet. Having strong, healthy helps children to walk, run, and play, which is why it is important to take extra precautions to protect their feet in order to provide them a lifetime of healthy feet.

About San Antonio South Texas Podiatrist: Dr. Ed Davis offers over 25 years of experience treating foot and ankle problems. The practice offers a wide range of podiatric procedures and treatments, including Achilles tendon, ankle instability, corns, diabetic foot and hammertoes. Additionally, Dr. Davis specializes in bunion care and treatment for heel pain, and is now offering a new heel pain relief procedure known as Topaz Procedure in his San Antonio practice.

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