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Sigma Six Advise on Building Customer Relationships

Businesses providing great customer service are more likely to succeed. Sales and marketing firm Sigma Six review why customer service is important, and how businesses can improve it.

    MILAN, ITALY, August 28, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- No business can survive on single purchases alone. Returning loyal customers provide far more revenue by purchasing more expensive products and upgrading their existing services. To ensure customers return, Sigma Six believe it's important for businesses to build strong relationships with all their customers. Building strong relationships isn't only beneficial for the business; it also improves the customer experience. Interacting with customers helps a business understand the needs of their customers meaning they can provide the best quality products to meet these needs. Customer interactions also allow businesses to understand and follow customer preference which ensures customers feel valued and appreciated. Respecting customer in this way creates trust which is vital to customer loyalty.

Customers are the best at marketing a company's product or service. With consumers becoming more cautious of where to spend their money, many are looking towards customer reviews for honest and reliable feedback. This means it's incredibly important for businesses to make their customer experience a pleasant one. With more online review websites available to consumers than ever before, Sigma Six believe now is the time for businesses to review their approach to customer service. The firm have offered three tips for improving customer service to help businesses encourage customers to remain loyal.

Building customer relationships can't be rushed. Customers want to feel special and taking the time to get to know customers on a more personal level will help increase loyalty. Businesses should dedicate time to building relationships and improve their response time to customer queries.

Many businesses believe the key to success is to constantly provide something new. Although following trends is important, Sigma Six believe businesses must stay consistent in key areas to avoid isolating loyal customers. Businesses can maintain consistency by ensuring they have a strong customer service strategy. Creating a positive company culture can also ensure workers hold the same values and follow the same approaches.

Customers know when they aren't being told the truth. Many businesses believe admitting a mistake shows weakness when it actually makes them appear more human. By admitting to errors businesses are respecting their customers. Customers appreciate a business that can be honest and as long as the error is dealt with correctly are likely to remain loyal.

About Sigma Six:

Sigma Six are an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Milan. The firm are experts in building lasting customer relationships for their clients through face to face interactions. By improving customer connections Sigma Six can boost their clients brand awareness and customer acquisition rates.

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