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Silver Spring Podiatrist Has Been Providing Orthotics For More Than 40 Years

Dr. Marc Goldberg, Dr. Christopher Farnworth, and Dr. Michael Frank, Silver Spring, MD podiatrists, is pleased to continue to utilize orthotics at his popular practice.

Dr. Marc Goldberg, Dr. Christopher Farnworth, and Dr. Michael Frank, Silver Spring, MD podiatrists, is pleased to continue to utilize orthotics at his popular practice.

    SILVER SPRING, MD, January 08, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Foot Orthotics are devices created by doctors that are worn inside of the shoes in order to correct problems with the feet. Human feet support and absorb the weight of everything above them, and when problems arise with the function of the feet the result is often painful or even debilitating. Problems stemming from the feet can eventually affect other parts of our bodies.

The perfect foot would be aligned so that heel lands at just the right angle while the arch flattens slightly to absorb the shock, with weight being evenly disbursed with each step. Unfortunately there are many things that can cause this mechanism to malfunction. Silver Spring orthotics are designed in multiple shapes and sizes to correct the various ways in which feet are frequently misaligned.

Flatfoot-or planus foot-- is a condition in which the arch flattens too much, which can lead to structural problems with the bones of the feet and various secondary foot ailments such as bunions and hammertoes. People with flatfoot can get relief from orthotics Silver Spring with a raised arch and a slanted heel, which helps distribute body weight properly throughout the foot.

The opposite of flat or planus foot is when the arch of the foot is too high, called cavus foot. In this case, the arch does not flatten at all, causing body weight to be distributed through the heel and toes instead of the whole foot. Eventually the feet become overly stressed, leading to leg and joint pain as well as problems with the lower back. In the case of cavus foot the Silver Spring podiatrist would design the orthotic with shock absorbing material placed in areas that balance the way body weight is distributed throughout the foot.

Other conditions of the foot can develop due to age, obesity, or lifestyles that require a lot of walking or running; Heel spurs and related inflammation of the ligament connecting the heel to the toes (called the plantar fascia) are both very common conditions that can be caused by all of these factors. Orthotics for spurs and plantar fasciitis are created with the same goal as other orthotics: to help evenly distribute body weight throughout the foot and eliminate excess pressure to any one area.

There are many types of orthotics that can be purchased without a prescription at your local drug store, but the best relief can be found by getting custom made Silver Spring orthotics fitted by an expert podiatrist who determines the exact source of the problem and creates the devices based on the specific measurements and needs of your feet.

To get more information on Silver Spring Orthotics or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Marc Goldberg of Family Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland call his office at (301) 439-0300, or visit his website at

About Family Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland: Family Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland is made up of Drs. Christopher Farnworth, Michael Frank and Marc Goldberg. At their four locations, they offer many services related to sports injuries, plantar fasciitis, bunions and Silver Spring orthotics, among others. Each podiatrist participates in continuing education programs and seminars to ensure that they are offering the most up to date and effective service to their Olney and Silver Spring patients.

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