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Skateboarding Accidents in Arizona

Skateboarding is a dangerous pursuit and most riders take this into account when hitting the street or skate park. Still, not all skating injuries are due to rider negligence. In Arizona, injured skaters may be eligible for compensation.

    PHOENIX, AZ, September 10, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The skateboarding trend is very popular among teenagers and even young adults. While falls and injuries are common in the sport, sometimes the injury is caused by other sources uncontrolled by the rider of the skateboard. With over 50,000 injuries treated in the hospitals each year due to skateboarding injuries, other causes should be examined and identified if the cause of the injury is suspicious. In some cases the manufacturer of the skateboard should be held responsible if there were faulty components to the skateboard and in other cases the city officials can be held responsible if the road and sidewalk were left unrepaired and damaged. While these are only a couple of examples of who can be responsible, talking to an Arizona personal injury attorney about the situation can help you determine the best course of action.

In the Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale and surrounding areas there are many cases of serious skateboarding accidents that have led to numerous injuries. Some examples of the types of injuries that can occur include:

Types of Skateboarding injuries

Brain injuries
• Concussion
• Scrapes/bruising
Broken bones
Spinal cord injury
• Paralysis
• Death

These injuries can be extremely difficult to endure, especially for a child. At they have various prevention methods, so you or your child can take various precautions to remain safe. Although these measures may not help in the event of a skateboard defect or road defect, they may reduce the severity of the injuries that you can endure. Some examples of the types of safety measures include:

Skateboard Safety Measures

• Know the area and sidewalk you are riding on. Be aware of any defects, cracks, rocks on the sidewalk that can potentially cause injury.
• Wear the appropriate safety gear such as helmets and pads while riding.
• When you feel like you are losing your balance, crouch down on the board so you will not have as far to fall.
• If you are going to attempt complicated tricks you should do so in a designated course.
• If you do fall try to roll rather than absorb the fall with your wrists, arms and hands.
• Never ride in the street or hitch a ride on a moving vehicle.
While taking these precautions are not mandatory, following the Arizona state laws on skateboarding are a must. An Arizona personal injury attorney will have a stronger case if you had been following the skateboarding laws implemented by the state. Some of the laws include:

Arizona State Skateboarding Laws

• Skateboarders must follow pedestrian laws at all times.
• Always dismount your skateboard when crossing the street.
• Because of the skateboards speed and maneuverability it is more difficult for the vehicles to see and stop in time, so use extreme caution when riding.
• Obey all the street and traffic signs and always ride with caution.

Contact and Arizona Personal Injury Attorney

While obeying laws and taking the appropriate safety measures are a way to prevent your chances of an injury, they cannot protect you from all the dangerous circumstances that can occur. Skateboard manufactures, city officials, or even a reckless driver can all be held accountable for an injury that you have sustained on a skateboard. An Arizona personal injury lawyer can help you receive compensation for your injuries and help assess the details of your case effectively. For more information contact:

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