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Social Skills Essential for Leadership Success Claims Outsource Sydney

Forbes contributor, Amy Morin, has investigated the sought-after skills that make a good leader in today's professional world; social skills that rely on more than academic achievements and experience alone.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, August 09, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Direct sales and marketing company, Outsource Sydney, recognizes the importance of these social skills in leadership, emphasising the necessity to inspire and motivate through social adeptness.

In her article, Research Shows Successful Leaders Aren't Just Smart - They're Also Socially Adept, Morin discusses the research conducted by Catherine Weinberger, a UC Santa Barbara economist, which suggests that there is a lot more to management than impressive grades and academia. By comparing past school records with current professions it can be argued that "today's workplace values a combination of book smarts and social adeptness," with the "highest-earning management positions and leadership roles [...] filled by people who possessed both intelligence and social adeptness."

Outsource Sydney's Managing Director, Helen Poutakidis, places high emphasis on social skills in management:

Being smart is not enough to become a great leader. Those people who excel socially increase their chances of becoming a successful leader. Outsource Sydney offer guidance in how to improve at being socially adept.

The capacity to interpret social behaviour is essential in providing effective leadership and management, which rely heavily on understanding individuals and as well as group dynamics. Morin asserts that "being smart isn't enough to guarantee a meteoric rise in the business world anymore - leadership requires you to be socially adept," and identifies several tactics to aid the development of social intelligence. Outsource Sydney have selected a 'Top Five' set of strategies that improve social adeptness on a daily basis.

The first is developing an awareness of strengths and weaknesses, a skill that is crucial for those committed to self-improvement. Great leadership requires an "open mind and a willingness to admit you don't have perfect social skills" in order to continue development.

Second is the capacity to examine the environment and how this impacts communication, as good communication doesn't necessarily "translate to the office." This strategy requires the analysis of communication with professional counterparts, from superiors to subordinates.

Up next is recognizing how outside issues impact performance, as external factors including mental health, stress and an "unbalanced work-life [can] interfere with your social game."

As with all professional projects, requesting and receiving feedback is also essential to development, as it is "hard to objectively evaluate your own leadership skills" without constructive criticism from your team.

Finally, the use of self-help resources including books on business strategies featuring advice from "voices of experience," can help enormously in "managing your thoughts, regulating your emotions and behaving productively [to] improve your interactions with other people and provide a new perspective."

Outsource Sydney utilises each of the preceding strategies regularly to develop the desirable social skills that are essential to success. Leadership is integral to the company's learning culture and strong team environment; Outsource Sydney nurtures aspiring managers, equipping them with the right tools, knowledge and experience to excel in leadership. Intelligence, determination and a strong work ethic are all important managerial attributes; however, the ability to work alongside and motivate a variety of personality types in a team environment is essential to the success of any program that involves working together towards a common goal.

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