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Stahl Plumbing on the Dangers of Drain Cleaners

The Pittsburgh plumbers, Stahl Plumbing, talk about the hazards associated with drain cleaners. The chemicals used in these products are toxic and should always be used with caution.

    PITTSBURGH, PA, May 13, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Sewer line clogs are admittedly a major household pain. When water starts pooling up in the shower instead of going down the pipe or the toilet bowl gets backed up with debris, the first instinct for most of us is to grab the bottle of Draino or a similar cleaning product. However, the Pittsburgh plumbers, Stahl Plumbing, say there are alternatives to commercial drain cleaners and note the reasons why you should not be buying them.

Keep Drain Cleaner Use to a Minimum
Few people need to see the skull and crossbones symbol to know drain cleaners are toxic and fatal if swallowed, but the hazards of these products do not stop at human contact. The main ingredients that comprise these synthetic cleaning concoctions are caustic bases, the most common of which are sodium hydroxide and sodium hypocholorite. In layman's terms, lye and bleach are the chemicals found in most drain cleaners, and they vary in concentration.

The primary point of contact for drain cleaners is the metal pipes that make up your home's plumbing and sewage system, and they are rarely affected by caustic base products. The metal materials can withstand high doses of chemical interaction, but the same cannot be said for the rubber and plastic, which are also present on drains.

According to Corey Newman, Director of Marketing for Stahl Plumbing, "Most clogs can be cleared with an auger and all-natural cleaning products. A cheaper, cost-effective alternative to all those store-bought products is an equal mixture of baking soda and peroxide. Pouring a bottle of Draino down the sink is a temporary fix that can potentially lead to expensive repairs. It is helpful in some cases, but should not be considered a cure-all for drain problems."

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