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Start Up MLM Company Poised For Massive Growth In First Year

This press release is intended to find those Network Marketers or entrepreneurs that are SERIOUS about building a large business through an MLM partnership.

Never seen an opportunity like this! Ditch The Can boasts a game-changing business system and compensation plan that includes cash back on every order, instant notifications and real-time earnings.

    DENVER, CO, February 21, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Are you ready for a massive change to the Network Marketing Industry and the success rates for those willing to change their financial trajectory?

If you are, then keep reading...

When you are looking for an MLM partnership opportunity, there are several things you need to ensure are in place:

-High Net Payout (amount of money coming back to business partners versus total company revenue)

-High residuals

-Demand based products

-Easy (and I mean easy) business system to encourage duplication

-Low start up costs

-New company or within the first few years of opening

-Targeted to the next generation (which will be the Network Marketers of the world for the next 50 years)

-EXCITING (has to have that "pop")

-Internet based marketing tools

Those MLM attributes are just a few, but cover some of the main things to look for when searching for your MLM partnership.

What company has all these necessities plus some?

Ditch The Can does!

Ditch The Can is a brand new MLM that is very different than the standard MLM out there.

The first main difference is the underlying concept that is the foundation of this start up MLM company. The concept is called Social Network Marketing which is simply combining Social Networking and Network Marketing.

Both segments have what the other needs; Social Networkers have people and Network Marketers have the business model.

Needless to say, this new MLM is internet driven (although can be built using traditional methods also).

Based on our new MLM partnership "wish list", let's see how Ditch The Can compares;

-45% Net Payout (Industry average is 38%)

-The Ditch The Can compensation plan has high bonuses AND residual percentages and is paid out based on SALES PRICE, not some percentage of the sales price (more detailed info)

-Ditch The Can products are demand based. The first product for launch is an energy drink ($12.5 billion dollar industry)

-Very easy and duplicatible business system. Everyone receives a free Ditch The Can website

-Anyone can start a business with Ditch The Can for FREE (note that you will make more money with an order in)

-Ditch The Can is launching on March 15, 2014

-Target market = Millennial Generation (18-39 years old)

-Exciting? Hell yes! Just look at the marketing tools that are coming out! Full suite to be released at launch

-The whole system and marketing tools are based in online marketing. Simple, ready to use tools to share on any platform that exists on the internet

Two more points that make Ditch The Can a different MLM;

-No autoship required to earn commissions

-Real time commissions (immediate pay)

Are you salivating yet? I hope so! If your not, then an MLM partnership with Ditch The Can is not something for you.

Obviously this press release just covers the Ditch The Can basics. If you want more info and every shred of evidence you need to choose Ditch The Can as YOUR MLM partnership, then check out the #1 Ditch The Can website on the internet today; DitchDaBoss.

Are you ready to finally succeed at Network Marketing? Hopefully you have had great success in this industry of ours, but unfortunately, that is not the case for many. So I ask again...


Don't wait until Ditch The Can is huge, get into it now when we are just starting this MLM partnership!

Contact Ditch The Can and get in during the launch or

Join Ditch The Can NOW!

Ditch The Can is a new initiative backed by Life Force International (Life Force San Diego, CA). In addition to the launch of the KAOS Gold energy product, Ditch The Can, currently in the pre-launch phase, introduced a revolutionary network marketing model dubbed "Social Network Marketing" that partners traditional network marketers with social media users. This enables network marketers to expand their warm market by leveraging fans, followers and friends of social media users and online celebrities. The model also allows social media users and online celebrities the opportunity to monetize their social media network. In addition to their revolutionary marketing concept, scheduled to officially launch in March 2014, Ditch The Can boasts a game-changing compensation plan that includes cash back on every order, instant notifications and real-time earnings.

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