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Storming Robots Capitalizes Creativity with Engineering Disciplines

Increase Propensity in Engineering and Creativity Among Grade Schools Students For Competitive Engineering Colleges and Markets

    BRIDGEWATER, NJ, February 24, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- To enforce creativity and engineering in the technology age, one institution in New Jersey named Storming Robots has been offering very unique programs for grade school students since 2005 that does exactly that with a clever model. Storming Robots believes and enforces the idea that science and creativity go hand-in-hand.

Four Phases Model

Storming Robots' Model offers a coherent trajectory of learning structure for students to capitalize their creativity with engineering disciplines. It aims to increase their propensity for the transition to competitive colleges in engineering fields. Its model formulates a 4 Phase roadmap for students from Grade 4 to 12.

Phase 1 is to entice students with hands-on, application-based, and inquiry-based learning with engineering process. This works to build the foundation for students' habitual analytical and critical thinking. Classes consist of open-ended projects, not conventional classroom lectures. Students build robots from scratch and learn to program. This must start from students' beginner level. The key is the engineering process.

What makes this effective is that all projects are hands-on and open-ended. Students find it gratifying to automate a robot by themselves, and this keeps students enticed with their projects as they are able control their progress at their own pace.

Phase 2 is to enforce the foundation with computational thinking analysis. Basically, it is Computer Science. This means students are actively involved in reformulating a complex (or seemingly complex) problem into something solvable both efficiently and effectively. What makes this unique is that it allows students to stretch the complexity of their projects based on their own progress.

Phase 3 is to exercise system engineering by offering mentorship opportunities and special advanced projects, as well as competitions to exercise system engineering. Students will be actively involved in creating plans, articulating them, and exerting their commitments and dedications to completion and success.

Phase 4 is to allow their work to shine and serve as inspiration of others. As always, parents of high school students look for ways to set their children apart from other highly qualified college candidates in competitive college applications. Storming Robots offers engineering challenges that are not commonly present at grade-school levels, and high school programs that deliver college level challenges. Following the roadmap that SR creates, gaining recognition via competitions, and scholastic achievements all work to set our students apart from others.

Launching New Reinforcement Programs in 2014

SR will launch three new programs in 2014. One is a unique robotic contest, where participants need to submit their articles. The top 10 will be selected to enter Final. There will also be a surprise technical challenge as part of the Final.

Another is an Internal Debate Column contest, which will be a writing contest that encourages writing skills and the practice of effectively developing ideas and expressing them in a concise manner. The center's specialty is and always will be robotics, but Storming Robots recognizes that writing skills are important for all majors and professions, as well as for pre-college admissions exams and the SATs.

Last is a Summer Distance Mentorship Program. Advanced students from SR's roboclub will offer robotics assistance to other students online for free.

Storming Robots has proven that its model works through their thriving roboclub students' records, such as excellent performance in nationwide as well worldwide tournaments, being admitted into competitive colleges, and receiving presidential scholarships from Rutgers University.

Storming Robots is a Branchburg-based robotics learning center that has over 200 students enrolled. Director Elizabeth Mabrey is the founder of the hands-on robotics program, with her husband Dennis Mabrey as the Chief Technology Officer. To learn about programs from Storming Robots, you may visit, or for more information about past competitions.

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