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Success Corcaigh to Host Discussion Forum to Address 'Selfish Progression' Trend in Ireland

Following reports that 57% of Irish workers hoard information for personal gain, Success Corcaigh has launched a campaign to open up communication channels.

    PENROSE, IRELAND, April 04, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The firm will promote their Business Development Program, where free workshops are run daily which provide lessons and information on leadership, business management, financial advice, sales and marketing tactics are offered.

"We encourage the sharing of information here at Success Corcaigh - it makes no sense to us that information that could assist with business growth and development should be contained to just one area or person. I hope our discussion forum will open the eyes to those individuals throughout the nation that do not currently understand how this is counter-productive," voices James Neal, managing director of Success Corcaigh.

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The study was carried out by Amarach with sponsorship from Microsoft, and reveals that although 79% of Irish workers believe that company information should be shared equally, 59% are concerned that colleagues are withholding information for personal gain. This type of person, described in the study as the 'Hoarder', is unwilling to disclose information as they feel that this allows them to maintain power in an organisation. In contrast, the 'Broker' is one who understands the value of information sharing, and as such will trade and collaborate with others. The study reveals that the average Trader earns three times as much as the average Hoarder (EUR60,000 average earnings versus EUR20,000), and tend to be middle or senior-level in their organisations, indicating that those who do understand the value of trading information tend to be more successful in their careers.

James Neal, managing director of Success Corcaigh, believes that information sharing is vital to the success of a business: "It comes as no surprise that the people who share information are higher up on the career ladder and earning significantly more. These people understand that by sharing information they are more likely to gain information in return, which in the long run saves time and energy. Additionally, by granting favours such as information sharing, they are building themselves a network of contacts that can help them develop their career. It's certainly bad for business to have a group of people who work in isolation, withholding information from each other - not only is it inefficient, but it also suggests an atmosphere of trust and a lack of communication. A company with that kind of culture will have great difficulty growing and developing."

Success Corcaigh advocates the sharing of information as a tool for developing ideas, enabling growth and innovation and a communicative, supportive company culture. The Business Development Programme, which is open to anyone and free to attend, confirms the attitude that information is a resource to be shared. "Information sharing is similar to investing money. You will gain so much more return on it if you invest it wisely rather than keeping it to yourself," says James Neal, managing director of Success Corcaigh.

Success Corcaigh is an outsourced sales and marketing company based in Cork city centre.

Success Corcaigh is the home to a dedicated force of marketing consultants; we deliver high quality results, using effective direct marketing campaigns, throughout Ireland and the UK. Our main focus is on both customer and client satisfaction, endeavouring to not only provide a high volume of customer acquisition but also an impeccable quality of results for all parties.

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