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Tampa, FL Podiatrist Improves Diabetic Foot Care To Avoid Foot Pain

Dr. Brandi Johnson, a podiatrist in Tampa, helps patients protect their feet from harm with proper diabetic foot care.

Dr. Brandi Johnson, a podiatrist in Tampa, helps patients protect their feet from harm with proper diabetic foot care.

    TAMPA, FL, January 12, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Diabetes can be dangerous to a person's feet-even a small cut can lead to severe complications. Nerve damage is a common complication of uncontrolled diabetes, and this may become so severe as to impair all feeling in a patient's feet, which means patients in Tampa may not feel foot pain.

Through proper diabetic foot care, Dr. Brandi Johnson, a Tampa, FL podiatrist, works with each patient to ensure proper foot health. Diabetes can lead to a series of foot complications that are preventable if proper measures are taken. By visiting Dr. Johnson at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, patients can protect their feet from foot pain in Tampa.

"One problem that can develop is corns and calluses. When neuropathy is present, you can't tell if your shoes are causing pressure or that you are developing problems or pain," said Tampa podiatrist, Dr. Brandi Johnson. "Corns and calluses must be treated properly, or you will risk the development of ulcers, which are sores in the skin that may go all the way to the bone. With poor circulation and neuropathy in your feet, cuts or blisters can easily turn into ulcers that become infected and won't heal."

To help patients improve the health of their feet, Dr. Johnson, a podiatrist in Tampa, offers helpful diabetic foot care tips for Tampa patients. Diabetes can be very dangerous to the feet, with just a small cut producing serious consequences. To avoid serious foot problems that could result in losing a toe, foot, or even a leg, follow these simple guidelines from Tampa, FL podiatrist, Dr. Johnson:

- Inspect your feet daily
- Wash your feet in lukewarm water
- Be gentle when bathing your feet
- Moisturize your feet, but not between your toes
- Cut your nails carefully
- Never treat corns or calluses yourself
- Wear clean, dry socks
- Avoid the wrong type of socks
- Wear socks to bed
- Shake out your shoes and feel the inside before wearing
- Keep your feet warm and dry
- Never walk barefoot
- Take care of your diabetes
- Don't smoke
- Get periodic foot exams

Patients with diabetes should constantly monitor their feet. Tampa foot doctor, Dr. Brandi Johnson urges patients to look for puncture wounds, bruises, pressure areas, redness, warmth, blisters, ulcers, scratches, cuts and nail problems. Even the smallest injury can lead to more severe issues, so it is very important for patients to become familiar with their feet.

As a podiatrist in Tampa, Dr. Brandi Johnson of Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists can help wounds heal, preventing amputation. Getting regular check-ups at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists can help patients keep small problems from worsening through proper diabetic foot care in Tampa.

About Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists: Established in 2001, Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists is a group practice of podiatric physicians. Working together to provide exceptional care at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists are Drs. Brandi Johnson, Mark Leitner and Gloried Ebsworth. Together, this team of podiatric professionals offer a wide range of conservative and surgical treatment options, including foot and ankle surgery, heel pain, foot pain and diabetes foot care, among others.

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