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TDR Connect Gives an Insight into Goal Setting and Achievement for Businesses

TDR Connect agree that in the workplace, goal setting helps keep employees motivated and focused and helps the operation run more efficiently, it also gives employees a sense of achievement when goals and targets are reached.

    DUBLIN, IRELAND, April 14, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Top Irish sales and marketing company, TDR Connect embrace setting goals within the workplace. MD of TDR Connect Matt O'Hara encourages all business to set goals and targets for employees using just 5 basic principles clarity, challenge, commitment, feedback and task complexity.

It is important to set clear and concise goals individually with your employees. MD Matt O'Hara comments "Clear goals are measurable and unambiguous. When a goal is clear and specific, with a definite time set for completion, there is less misunderstanding. You know what's expected, and you can use the specific result as a source of motivation" Matt O'Hara believes that when a goal is vague or when it's expressed as a general instruction, like "Take initiative" - it has limited motivational value.

One of the most important characteristics of goals is the level of challenge as people are motivated by achievement and they'll judge a goal based on the significance of the anticipated accomplishment TDR Connect reveal that it is important to strike an appropriate balance between a challenging goal and a realistic goal. Setting a goal that you'll fail to achieve is possibly more de-motivating than setting a goal that's too easy. The need for success and achievement is strong, therefore people are best motivated by challenging, but realistic, goals.

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MD Matt O'Hara explains that goals must be understood and agreed upon if they are to be effective. Agreed goals lead to commitment. Matt O'Hara comments" As you use goal setting in your workplace, make an appropriate effort to include people in their own goal setting. Encourage employees to develop their own goals, and keep them informed about what's happening elsewhere in the organization. This way, they can be sure that their goals are consistent with the overall vision and purpose that the company seeks."

Feedback on goals provides opportunities to clarify expectations, adjust goal difficulty, and gain recognition. It's important to provide benchmark opportunities or targets, so individuals can determine for themselves how they're doing. Matt O'Hara urges businesses to make informal check-ins with employees on their goals and they provide a means of giving regular encouragement and recognition.

For goals or assignments that are highly complex, take special care to ensure that the work doesn't become too overwhelming. TDR Connect believe that it is important to give the person sufficient time to meet the goal or improve performance or provide enough time for the person to practice or learn what is expected and required for success.

The whole point of goal setting is to facilitate success. Therefore, you want to make sure that the conditions surrounding the goals don't frustrate or inhibit people from accomplishing their objectives, offering incentives is the most successful way to gain result says MD of TDR Connect, Matt O'Hara.

Based in the heart of Dublin city centre, TDR Connect Ltd is one of the fastest growing promotional sales and marketing companies in the country.

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