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TechniTrader Is Gearing Up For Swing Trading In The Fall!

To get ready for Swing Trading during the Fall Rally, check out these upcoming events!

    SEATTLE, WA, August 24, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- TechniTrader Is Gearing Up For Swing Trading In The Fall

Too many retail day traders lose money in the stock market and other financial markets. Yet, every new aspiring trader who seeks out an online broker platform for placing trades thinks they want to "day trade." The reason for this madness is that online brokers make more money when independent traders trade more often, so they tout the glamour of the infamous "day trading." But the market structure that prevails during the trading day is set up against the small-time retail trader.

Day trading is trading a stock over a few minutes to a few hours. When the time horizon is this short, the speed of trade execution needs to be considered. High Frequency Traders can create extreme swings in the price movement of stocks over a matter of minutes during the trading day. Their nanosecond execution capabilities allow them to front-run high-volume order flow, which is most often caused by news events in the market. So by the time your order is executed, the stock's price has already risen and you've bought it at a much higher price than you intended. On the other hand, the big fluctuations that HFTs create over the span of 1 minute can take out a stop loss set too tight and then the stock's price often moves up thereafter. Oh, the frustration!

There is a better way to trade stocks: Swing Trading. Swing trading is the holding of a stock or other financial trading instrument over a couple days to a couple weeks. With the proper entry and exit techniques for this short-term style of trading, higher gains can be achieved than in day trading by far.

Professional short-term traders who trade for large institutions have Swing-style trading dialed in because it is the ONLY way to get ahead of high-frequency trading. Now you can learn these techniques and the process Professional Traders are using to take advantage of the huge gains that the HFTs create.

TechniTrader, a trading education company, wants to help traders stop the few-cent gains that are not usually worth the high trading costs associated with day trading. They are lining up some great Swing Trading Training Events to provide learning opportunities for traders in preparation for the Fall Rally, which usually lasts from September or October through February, the busiest time of year for the Stock Market.

To get ready for Swing Trading during the Fall Rally, check out these upcoming Swing Trading Training Events at

FREE Swing Trading Webinar August 28, 2014

Swing Trading Online Elective Course October 15, 2014

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