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TechniTrader(R) - "Learn How To Swing Trade"

Swing Trading is an excellent choice for traders who like to be active in the market!

    AUBURN, WA, February 14, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- TechniTrader(R) "Learn How To Swing Trade"

Swing trading is a fast paced trading style where a trader will trade in and out of a stock during a 1 run period. Trading Swing stock price action can be fun and rewarding, but it takes some time to learn.

A Swing Trader does not hold a stock through a retracement or long consolidation period. Trading stocks Swing is a far more lucrative way to trade stocks than Day Trading, because you have lower trading expenses and fewer losses. Short Swing Trading is also much easier to learn and is lower risk than day trading. Many Day Traders find Swing Trading to be much more enjoyable as well as profitable. To be a Swing Trader takes about 1 to 2 hours each weekday evening to study charts and select picks for the next trading day. Not every day is good for trading stocks Swing, so there will be some days that you are holding stocks but are not entering new orders.

Swing Trading is an excellent choice for traders who like to be active in the market and who prefer to trade stocks quickly from entry to exit points. It is well suited for people who have a couple of hours each day to study charts and market conditions for trading. It does require a moderate sized capital base and good chart analysis skills.

What is a Swing Trade run? A Swing Trade run is the number of days that a stock moves up or down, without pausing or retracing, and can range from 1 day to 10 days. The average is 3-5 days for a Swing Trade run. The run points can be anywhere from 2 - 20 or more points. To calculate your profits you multiply your points gained by the number of shares you have. For instance a 5 point run gain with 200 shares would give you $1000.00 in profits in a couple of days.

Swing Trading is not for everyone. It is suited to those traders who have time each evening to study charts, who like daily activity in the market, and who have a moderate sized capital base available to trade stocks. Swing Trading is more difficult and takes more time to become proficient at than Position Trading.

Many Swing Traders can trade as a full-time job. We teach traders how to Swing Trade for short term profits and monthly income in our Methodology Essentials 10 Course as well as our advanced online Swing/Velocity Course.

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In addition you are invited to find out more about the TechniTrader(R) Swing Trading education by phoning: 888-846-5577

Martha Stokes, CMT and CEO of TechniTrader(R) The Educational Division of Decisions Unlimited, Inc.

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