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Ternarylogic Receives U.S. Patent for Advanced Computing Technology

The leader in advanced non-binary machine logic design further increases its Intellectual Property portfolio.

Our newly patented technology exemplifies what is possible in applying non-binary machine logic. It demonstrates the unusual, unexpected and largely unexplored nature of non-binary machine logic.

    MORRISTOWN, NJ, November 21, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Ternarylogic LLC, owner of one of the world's largest intellectual property portfolios in non-binary machine and computer logic (i.e.multi-valued logic), announced today the issuance of a United States patent covering electronic systems that apply a new form of arithmetic for use in encryption and encoding.

The USPTO issued patent No. 8,577,026 ["Methods and apparatus in alternate finite field based coders and decoders"] to Ternarylogic, which is the 37th patent in its continually growing portfolio.

"Many people - even philosophers - have often conjectured about conducting arithmetical operations outside our known system of addition and multiplication," said Peter Lablans, inventor of the newly patented technology. "Finite field arithmetic is one such area of unusual arithmetic that is widely incorporated in computing applications such as encryption and CD/DVD error control."

"An alternate finite field is not a mere substitution of a number by a different number," the inventor explained. "Without Ternarylogic's approach, it is quite difficult to design an alternate finite field from scratch. However, using our approach, there are literally trillions and trillions of possible alternate finite fields...more than a googol (= 10 to the power 100)."

For example, Ternarylogic's latest patented technology conceals from outsiders the exact encryption rule that is being applied to generate a message. According to Lablans, the new invention offers an additional simple data coding layer that is extremely difficult to decipher due to its endless number of possibilities, even if the fundamental coding process is known.

"This will be a welcome addition to the arsenal of digital security measures," Lablans continued. "Our newly patented technology exemplifies what is possible in applying non-binary machine logic. It demonstrates the unusual, unexpected and largely unexplored nature of non-binary machine logic."

Ternarylogic board member Bob Muir stated, "The Board is well aware of this technology's extensive potential computing advantages. However, we are still surprised by the incredible number of security and encryption variations enabled by this addition to Ternarylogic's portfolio.

Further material regarding Ternarylogic's technology is available at A review hard copy of Lablans' book "The Logic of More " Applications in Non-binary Machine Logic" and other material may be requested from

About Ternarylogic LLC
Ternarylogic, a New Jersey based R&D company, develops intellectual property in the field of non-binary machine logic, which offers the potential to substantially extend Moore's law. Funded by seasoned angel investors, the company has emerged as a leader in its field and with an established IP portfolio of more than 50 patents and patent-pending applications.

About Non-binary Machine Logic
Also known as multi-valued logic (MVL), non-binary machine logic is regarded by electronic companies and academia as one technology capable of addressing the ever-increasing need for faster and more powerful computer processors and memory. The recent storage of 3-state coded files in an artificial string of DNA is one example of this advanced technology. (Please follow this link to a "" article of Jan. 23, 2013.)

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Ternarylogic receives U.S. Patent for Advanced Computing Technology

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