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The BBB Conglomerate Network Forecast $70 Billion Spent on TV Advertising Will Pour into Direct Marketing

The roll-out of digital video recorders enabling TV viewers to skip Ads has left Television Networks in a revenue bind. The BBB Conglomerate Network foresee US Corporate Brands shift advertising budgets into direct marketing.

    NEW YORK, NY, November 28, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Networks and Advertisers are at a loss as to how to bounce back from lost advertising revenue since the deployment of millions of DVR's across the US. Currently 23% of all viewing consists of previously record shows (38% of young-adult prime-time viewing), where adverts are cut out completely or regularly skipped through altogether. The BBB Conglomerate Network suggest as this generation of TV viewers age, pre-recorded shows will become the norm leaving TV advertisers struggling to justify their spending.

Free streaming, online purchases via Apple's iTunes, mobiles and tablets are adding further concern and completely reshaping the television eco-system. A Neilson study, reveals 46% of homes use DVR's, Netflix or Hulu. Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said, "[it's] an indicator of a massive shift in consumer behavior," "especially among the young viewers most in demand by advertisers," claims The BBB Conglomerate Network's CEO, Antoine Bell.

New York City based sales and marketing firm, The BBB Conglomerate Network have reported a rise in demand for Direct Marketing particularly over the past 4 years. "Brands need to be in front of their customers, not only to build awareness and sell their products but to remain in the forefront of the consumers mind. Television used to be a very effective method for advertisers but with today's technology it does not convert sales the way it used to," says Antoine Bell. "Our direct marketing campaigns guarantee a return on investment for our clients, we focus on physically getting in front of customers, build relationships and are able to increase customer acquisition at a faster rate than traditional forms of advertising ever did," adds the The BBB Conglomerate Network's CEO.

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Major sport events and reality shows such as The Voice remain the only exception to this trend. The American public still tune in live for shows of these genres. The BBB Conglomerate Network adds, "That's why the costs to sponsor or advertise during major sporting events such as The SuperBowl are soaring. They are always certainly watched in real time. The problem with this is, the cost involved in advertising during these events is so extortionate that very few brands can afford a slot."

The BBB Conglomerate Network forecast over the next 5 years much of the $70 billion spent every year on TV advertising will shift into other methods of marketing. The high ROI offered by Direct Marketing is certainly swaying many American Brands already and Antoine Bell predicts The BBB Conglomerate Network are well positioned to obtain more Direct Marketing contracts in early 2013.

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