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The Best of Eastern and Western Psychology Combined to Reveal Roadmap to Financial Success

Mihir Thaker, executive and transformation coach, reveals the roadmap to financial transformation in his coaching program, the Money Experience System.

Mihir Thaker, executive and transformation coach, reveals the roadmap to financial transformation in his coaching program, the Money Experience System.

    GLENROY, AUSTRALIA, September 25, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Mihir Thaker, Executive and Transformation coach, reveals the roadmap to financial transformation in his coaching program, the Money Experience System.

The Money Experience System is a program that shows the connection between psychology and financial success. It is based on proven cutting edge techniques derived from both Eastern and Western psychology.

The program founder, Mihir Thaker, committed over 30 years of his life developing this program. He has coached many top business executives and professionals in the area of human potential and advanced change.

According to Mihir, financial success is intimately connected with one's sense of identity, which is derived from our family of origin as well as an innate influence from our deeper self. The amount of money one has defines an individual's identity, and has a profound impact on one's financial life.

Most people trying to earn more money fail to realize that in order to achieve financial success, they have to first find out who they really want to be.

Steve Siebold, an expert in the mindset of the rich & successful, declared that there is a distinct difference between top income earners and average income earners. The average earners spend their time thinking about what they need to do in order to succeed. That means they believe that they have to do something special in order to become rich. The top earners think rather differently. They believe that they have to be someone in this world who can generate the desired riches.

Average income earners also tend to believe that the reason they are not making more is because they are not good at managing money. Due to their belief system, they have limited themselves to making an average income and failed to live up to their potential.

So theoretically speaking, to become a top earner, one must work at changing his or her values, beliefs, mindset and most importantly re-pattern your neurological and psychological sense of identity. Our brain was designed for survival and for most individuals money and survival are interrelated. Hence, a positive change in this area would require separating your sense of identity from your need for survival. Realistically, that is easier said than done. Most people have identity, beliefs and habits that they have developed over the years. And they find it hard to let go of old identity, beliefs and habits as it potentially breaks a sense of safety and belonging to your family of origin, which neurologically is equivalent to death to our reptilian parts of our brain.

Our system of origin (i.e. family and sense of spiritual self) creates our sense of 'I' (identity) which in turn endows us with a set of beliefs. Beliefs in turn decide our capabilities and behaviours, which eventually creates our results and the environment we find ourselves in from time to time.

Working with the right coach can make all the difference. A professional coach who specializes in the area of neurological change and transformation will be able to identify the problem areas, and provide solutions to tackle these problems. During the process, the coach will be able to identify the system that created the identity that is holding the individual back. After these factors are identified, the coach will then be able to take appropriate action to retain the underlying positive intention of the system and enhance it to include the desired results as a natural part of that identity. With adequate coaching, this individual will experience improved self-esteem, acquire a new mindset, and will be in a much better position to achieve his or her financial goals.

The Money Experience System is based on the latest neurology and psychology research. The techniques are developed by top behavioral experts as well as neuroscientists.

About Mihir:

For the last 30 years, Mihir has been passionately involved with the best of Eastern and Western mind sciences in the area of human potential, excellence and advanced change. He runs his professional coaching practice for executives, professionals & business owners in the area of money mindset, business strategy, leadership & excellence and personal transformation. He can be reached at for personal skype sessions.

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