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The Covert Christian Bible

Tech Advance Enables Secure Worldwide Christian Fellowship

There is a world-wide need for a covert, secure Bible. World Net KJV provides a networking app that is a Bible hidden in your smart phone, camouflaged to look like a working calculator.

    GRANTS PASS, OR, July 24, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In many parts of the world Christians are under attack. Even having a Bible in some places can result in imprisonment or death. Being seen reading a Bible in some places, even in America, can subject the reader to rejection or punishment. Wouldn't it be great if Christians could carry their Bible privately anywhere, and have it be invisible to the people around them if they wish?

Christians want to share their personal faith, and at the same time they want to protect their privacy. Between indiscriminate government surveillance and internet giants like Google collecting personal information, this has become almost impossible. How can internet-wise Christians maintain their privacy today, when almost all data is kept, sold, and given away, often without their permission? How can they privately carry and use their Bible in places where Christianity is not accepted?

There is a world-wide need for a covert, secure Bible. World Net KJV is the app that provides it. It is a Bible that is hidden in your smart phone, camouflaged to look like another harmless application such as a calculator app. Only a secret code known to the user reveals the Bible is there. Anyone else examining the smart phone would only see a calculator or other uninteresting common app. Furthermore, this hidden Bible is also a way for people of Christian faith to do Bible study together, no matter where in the world they are.

World Net KJV was motivated by these security and privacy concerns. Division Six programmers wanted a Bible app that they knew would keep their personal information confidential - so they decided to create their own and make it the basis of a system to enable Christians to communicate securely world wide. Then they made a covert version, for those who want to bring their Bible to forbidden or unfriendly places.

World Net KJV has now been launched as the new system to facilitate fellowship everywhere. The World Net KJV app enables secure and private internet-based social networking, sending of Bible studies, messages, study group wall posts and personal notes.

The app's convenient social networking features assist Christians to easily share their insights and faith from their cell phone across the street, or across the globe. Bible study groups need not be limited to local congregations or local friends. People of faith can create their own study group or accept an invitation to join another that interests them anywhere in the world. For example: A person in Kansas can form a Bible study group with members in Toronto, Jerusalem, and London. A person in Dallas could join a Bible Study group started in China.

Christians can explore the Bible together with confidence that their personal data is being kept private and secure. Furthermore, it is free of outside advertising and intrusive attachments. World Net KJV only exists to serve its members.

World Net KJV can help do for Christians and Bible Study today what the printing press did for the Bible in the Middle Ages: Make it more accessible and shareable for everyone, no matter who or where they are in the world. World Net KJV will provide a secure internet home and a reliable base of protected communication support for a world wide community of inspired Christians.

World Net KJV is now available for Free at, and at the Google Play Store for easy download to your Android tablet or phone.

World Net KJV is also a stand-alone Bible reference and notation program that is free, fast and simple to use with powerful features such as word search and text to speech. It includes the 1769 standardized text revision of the 1611 King James Bible, also known as the AV or the Authorized Version. Its handy Bible features require no internet connection. Additional networking feature support is provided for paid subscribers.

World Net KJV is the creation of the programming professionals at Division Six, a web and mobile development company in operation for over fifteen years. Division Six has a long record of publishing complex, secure, and effective programs for education, banking, games, and diverse other applications.

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