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The DTC MOVEMENT Has Launched! Ditch The Can and Find That Financial Freedom That Has Evaded You All This Time!

This new Social Network Marketing company is a mixture of social networking, social media, demand based products, immediate pay, and is a simple business model that, literally, anyone can create another stream of income with...

"Ditch The Can (DTC) will be the most explosive Social Network Marketing company ever created! Why, because it provides people with an easy business model to work with! Don't miss this!"

    SAN DIEGO, CA, April 05, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- DTC Movement is blowing up across the nation/world and you have now found the best possible place to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

DTC Movement is a lifestyle that is getting traction across America and the rest of the world and you, luckily, are one of the first ones finding yourself at the brink of FINANCIAL let us explain;

DTC is short for Ditch The Can , a new Social Network Marketing company that combines Social Media, Network Marketing, and demand based products to create a money making business that, literally, anyone can do.

The DTC Movement is simply our way of emphasizing how large and how fast this new SNM company is going to grow. Remember, you are one of the first people to join the DTC Movement which means you have a much greater chance at achieving high levels of residual income from building your DTC business.

Let's take a look at some of the DTC Movement highlights;

-FREE DTC University (online training to help you explode your DTC Movement!)

-FREE DTC Website to market your DTC business and products

-FREE to join (packages available that open up the compensation further)

-Demand based products (energy drinks, recovery drinks, etc)

-One of the highest paying Network Marketing compensation plans in the Industry

-IMMEDIATE commissions (no more waiting to get paid)

-International expansion

-The DTC Movement combines traditional advertising with the DTC business opportunity

-Innovate marketing tools and strategies to generate the pop you need to grow a large DTC business

As stated above, you have landed right in the middle of the DTC Movement. Why, because you are now talking with one of the DTC leaders that has the experience to help you join the DTC Movement and take full advantage of this innovative business concept!

Ben Mueller, the owner of Ditch Da Boss (leading DTC Movement website), is one of the top DTC leaders in the Company. His expertise around Internet Marketing and Network Marketing make him a primal force in the DTC Movement.

Being part of the Ditch Da Boss team means that you have access to the top leaders, the freshest marketing content, and the energy needed to create your own DTC Movement!

"The DTC Movement is already being copied across the Network Marketing Industry. That means that other companies are kicking themselves for not thinking about it first! As one of the founding Ditch The Can leaders, my job is to make sure that, as many as possible, experience this lifestyle that the DTC Movement can provide. We not only create financial abundance through this awesome business model, but also help countless others create their own wealth. It is a win/win/win situation and I love being part of it!"-Ben Mueller, DTC Movement leader

With the DTC Movement, there is; NO BOSS, NO TIME CLOCKS, NO STRESS.

With the DTC Movement there is; getting paid what you are worth, exciting culture, fast growth, and the ability to make as much as YOU want.

Sound to good to be true? Listen, Network Marketing has been around for close to a century. EVERYONE has the same chance to make as much as the next person. It comes down to what YOU personally put into it!

The DTC Movement is in full swing and the Company is looking for those innovative entrepreneurs that want to take their life and the lives of others to another financial level.

You may be saying to yourself; "I'll just wait and see what this company does". Don't be that guy! Do you know why 3% own 97% of the wealth in the world? It's because they were willing to take a risk!

Do yourself a favor and look into this DTC Movement by visiting the following Ditch Da Boss pages;

*What is DTC?

*What is Social Network Marketing?

*How do I join the DTC Movement?

*DTC Movement strategies

*DTC Company information

*DTC compensation plan details

*How to max out the DTC compensation structure

*Combining traditional advertising with the DTC Movement

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Ditch The Can!

Ditch The Can is a brand new unique network marketing opportunity backed by Life Force International (Life Force). Life Force is a privately held leading natural health and wellness company, that manufactures, markets and distributes nutritional and personal care products through a global direct sales force of over 50,000 active independent Members, Distributors and Customers with international subsidiaries established in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore plus export sales to other countries.


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