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The Impact of Cell Phone Jamming on the Egypt Conflict

During the last wave of protest actions in Cairo, the police forces of Egypt applied jamming devices to make riots uncoordinated and less powerful and as a result decreased the number of losses among civilian people.

    STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, February 09, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Today Cairo is a centre of mass disorder. The situation is very difficult, the streets are full of protesters, who are intended to achieve their mission and the police try to stop all the protest actions and ask people to leave the Tahrir Square so that the peaceful atmosphere could be recovered.

To stop coordinated activities of protesters the government shot down the mobile connection in the whole city. In a few hours it was restored but jamming devices for local GSM frequency blocking were used in places of big crowds like on the Tahrir Square and other epicenters of riots in Cairo. Because of the usage of GSM jammers, the coordination of these groups via cell phones became impossible and the aggravation of the situation in the streets of Cairo was stopped. Also the usage of cell phone jammers made appliance of radio-controlled explosive devices of radical protesters impossible. Some explosive devices are activated via the signal of the mobile phone, and GSM jammers prevent the successful appliance of such bombs.

The representative of Jammer Store Company commented the situation of GSM jammer usage in Cairo: "That's the exact case jammers were originally developed for. It was military forces who created first jammers for usage in different situations when certain radio frequencies should be disabled." He also confirmed that a large number of cell phone jammers were bought in Cairo just before the aggravation of the situation. In connection with such great demand on jamming equipment the Jammer Store Company designed a GM20 Military cell phone jammer specially for usage in Cairo. This high power jammer of new generation allows to block all the GSM, WiFi, CDMA and Bluetooth signals within a wide range and thus large territory can be secured from the usage these frequencies.

A cell phone jammer is a device designed to block any signals that mobile telephone sends and receives. This makes it impossible to successfully use the cell phone in the area where such a device is used. If you need to block GPS signals, you will need to use GPS jammers. Portable cell phone jammers initially were used by military organizations and special departments for safety purposes.

There is a wide range of such devices depending on the size, working range and price. And a GM20 military cell phone jammer developed by Jammer Store Company is the most reliable and powerful portable cell phone jammer on the market. GM20 was developed to meet requirements of military forces so in addition GSM jamming it also blocks such widely used frequencies as CDMA, WiFi and Bluetooth. That features are extremely useful during military and police operations. There are also a lot of examples of successful civil appliance of GM20 cell phone jammers by people of different social and financial standings and professional activities. But it is obvious that the most important appliance of this jamming device is when there is danger connected with cooperative actions of aggressive or dissatisfied people around and blocking of GSM signals can be helpful in such situations. GM20 military cell phone jammer is the perfect instrument to prevent terrorist attacks and other dangerous incidents where mobile communication is very important to commit the crime.

Today the situation in Cairo is not as dangerous as it was a few days ago. Such an efficient method as blocking of cell phone connection was a right decision and now we hope that there will be no extremely dangerous attacks in Cairo any more.

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