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The Most Innovate Leap in Men's Underwear Since the 1930s

The SilkSuit LLC launches The SilkSuit - custom fit anatomical men's underwear.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, October 18, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- TheSilkSuit, LLC, a start up e-retailer, is now offering Custom Fit Anatomical Men's Underwear. This innovative design adds a sexy new concept to Men's Underwear. Similar to a traditional suit with a jacket and pants, The SilkSuit is two pieces - the SilkSock and the SilkSak. The SilkSock is a double layered sheath of breathable stretchable fabric, and covers the 'little guy'. The SilkSak, is a pouch of the same fabric for the 'boys' and stays attached with Baby Elastic. It is custom made tailored men's underwear.

For all men, especially circumcised, the constant, day after day, week after week, year after year, decade after decade subtle abrasion - this "sandpaper effect" - causes the delicate nerve endings and blood vessels that are the source of the pleasure sensation for men, to move further away from the surface due to a Keratin layer that forms to protect the glans. The SilkSuit attempts to Heal, Protect and Enhance. The genius of The SilkSuit is its simplicity. With a secure, snug, custom fit the Silk Suit will protect those nerve endings and blood vessels. As a result, the depth of the sexual experience can be more enhanced because the keratin layer (essentially a "callous") may begin to heal after as few as 14 days of wear.

For the healthy male, The SilkSuit makes what's already great - spectacular. Sexual pleasure will be less shielded. The possible increased virility may provide a deeper, more satisfying sexual experience. Men suffering from sensitivity issues, recovering from prostate cancer or erectile dysfunction can benefit as well. Understanding that a jock strap is relatively more abrasive than traditional underwear, athletes and men with active lifestyles may enjoy new levels of energy for more powerful workouts and performance.

"The healing will surprise a lot of men," said Founder and CEO Michael Ward. "It's truly a radical new step and style. Things haven't changed this much in the men's underwear world since the 30s. I get that. Athletes and significant others will notice first - and benefit. We are excited about upcoming feedback."

The SilkSuit currently offers three different solid color fabrics. All are breathable, flexible fabric blends appropriate for everyday use and in athletics. Additional fabric options will be available in the new future. Each SilkSuit is secured to the body with Baby elastic to ensure The SilkSuit stays put. "I never see a baby booty fall off an infant's foot or babies with blue feet. Perfect solution," says CEO Michael Ward.

The SilkSock LLC is the exclusive maker of patent pending Custom Fit Anatomical Men's Underwear - The SilkSuit. For further information please contact us at 818.613.0558 or visit the Pre Order Campaign at

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