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The Pampering Plumber in Tampa Discusses How Video Cameras Improve Clogged Pipe Inspection

Video cameras can help pinpoint issues within your plumbing without any digging.

    TAMPA, FL, June 24, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Tampa plumbing service, The Pampering Plumber, has seen that technological improvements in video technology have been a major boon to their ability to inspect clogged and damaged plumbing.

Video inspections run like a sewer cable down a drain. They are able to go into clogged or blocked drains, pipes and sewer lines. These cables are able to report back in real time as they navigate through your obstructed drain line. Your Pampering Plumber representative will be able to identify the issue with the plumbing line and the best possible way to restore water flow or repair damage.

Because the video camera is able to show the interior of pipes in real time, it is able to pinpoint the exact location within the pipe where the obstruction or damage exists. This helps to remove the guesswork in where to dig to access the affected plumbing.

"Video inspections of pipes are just amazing," says Colleen Suojanen, President of The Pampering Plumber. "With this technology, we can know exactly what is going on within your pipes without having to physically access them first. It helps us to reduce the time needed to find and diagnose an issue, and that in turn reduces the cost you have to pay."

Even if you believe your pipes and sewer connections are functioning as they should, it is still a good idea to have an in-line pipe inspection every year to catch issues before they become major problems. You will especially need to have your pipes inspected if you have just purchased a property, live in an older home where you have not recently had the pipes checked or if you have plans to renovate.

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