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The Plato Group Provides Guide to Enhancing Creativity for Small Businesses

The continuation of creativity and innovation is incredibly important for small business. The Plato Group provide a guide to help start-ups and small businesses unleash their creative side.

    MIAMI, FL, June 18, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Plato Group is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Miami, Florida. They use direct marketing techniques to enable them to speak to their clients' customers directly, they specialize in creating personalized direct marketing campaigns to generate quality results for their clients as well as creating long-lasting customer relationships.

The saturated market means that the amount of products provided in a market has been maximized in the current state of the marketplace and that further growth can only be achieved through product improvements, market share gains or a rise in overall consumer demand. This means that businesses like The Plato Group must continue to develop new ideas and be creative. The Plato Group must devise innovative and creative campaigns for their clients that are like no other campaigns on the market in order to continue to provide their service and grow.

By personalizing each campaign to suit their clients' specific needs, The Plato Group have to continuously develop new ideas and remain creative, something that some small businesses find difficult. The Plato Group is offering a guide to how small businesses can increase creativity in five easy steps.

Step one - Follow the customer
Direct user contact is essential. Keenly observe the customer, be close to them, get to know them and understand what the competition has missed.

Step two - Take baby steps
Set ground rules for attainable results up front. Don't be too ambitious, vague goals can sometimes further disengage a potential customer. Set boundaries as well as goals so when the sales force are later evaluating alternatives they know what it is they are trying to achieve and what the business needs to avoid. A thriving path can then be followed.

Step three - Consider what's not working for the company
Every innovative company or product is a direct response to the intersection of technology, human/customer behaviour and cultural trends. Find the space of opportunity. It is a company's job to notice the gap that opens up because of shifts in capabilities and human desires.

Step four - Think irrationally
Allow the work force to come up with a huge range of ideas, avoid too much detail at first. Take all the rational knowledge acquired in previous steps and use them as a springboard to generating new ideas. Immerse the business in non-judgmental thoughts before jumping into an idea.

Step five - Bounce irrational ideas off everyone
Reflect back to the company's original goals and evaluate the concepts that it came up with. Pull in other team members to avoid personal bias. Determine which ideas could possibly fit the business or project boundaries then develop and critique those ideas. Get feedback and select a few for further development.

At the end of the process there should be plenty of creative ideas to aid further development.

The Plato Group is an ambitious start-up and was set up in response to the high demand for direct marketing and customer acquisition services across Florida. The Plato Group is like no other outsourced marketing company in Miami. They provide their clients with measurable results which can be analyzed both daily and weekly.

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