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The Ultimate SEO Solution: How to Fend Off Biz-Killer Panda and Penguin Attacks

Has your legitimate website been sandboxed, penalized, and banished by an endless string of search engine algorithm changes? A frank discussion about what went wrong, and what you can do about it, from advertising agency Cheap TV Spots.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, July 30, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Has your website been sandboxed, penalized, ostracized, booted, or banished by the endless bombardment of indifferent algorithms? Has your Page Rank hit bottom -- no matter how much money you threw at your SEO "expert?"

You are not alone.

An endless string of secret search engine updates, with cute code names like Panda, Penguin, Venice, Dewey, Buffy, Big Daddy, Jagger, Gilligan, Bourbon, Allegra, Brandy, Austin, Fritz, Esmerelda, Dominic Cassandra, Boston, Caffeine, Vince, and Bourbon, could be to blame.

You eagerly gobbled up all the latest SEO advice. You signed up for webmaster tools, carefully scoured your web statistics, tracked your keywords, even spied on the competition. Initially, your website gained traction and visitors. Then suddenly, everything took a nose dive. Your well-tended and presumably correctly promoted website simply disappeared off the face of the Internet.

What went wrong? Trouble is, none of those efforts are actually advertising. They're simply jockeying for position on an ever-increasing list chosen by a mindless algorithm. There is no order from this chaos - just businesses chasing their own tails leaving a wake of hard-earned dollars for the search engine company to vacuum up. While some may argue that the big search engine's blanket changes were intended to clean up bad results, owners of many good websites are realizing they have been swept out, along with the bad.

Why play the patsy in this search engine "shell game?"

In the end, your metrics cost more than your marketing; and your web presence, and importantly, your branding, have actually been killed off, for all your efforts.

It's time to step out of the online promotion rat race. Your promotional dollars can reach millions of customers with TV advertising.

Benefits of advertising on television:

1.) Reaching a large audience with a memorable message that takes up the whole screen with your unique brand.
2.) Never worrying about being ranked against other advertisers.
3.) Measuring results in real sales instead of an abstract measure of "popularity."

Today, no matter what turbulence churns on the web, just about any business can advertise on television to bring customers to their website or to their store.

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