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The Wealthiest Man You Probably Never Heard Of

An inside look at the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BaselineAgent.

    BOMBAY, INDIA, March 19, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Everyone knew that tennis was a rich man's sport but Ramesh Kris Nathan and his company, BaselineAgent, is redefining the word "rich". Mr. Nathan, who has a current net worth of approximately US $16.2 billion, founded the company in 2008, and never imagined that his company would become the empire that it has, a major player in technology and software and the world's largest sports management company.

Mr. Nathan, who played on the professional tennis tour for just over ten years, recognized that there was something missing in the sport. Something to simplify the process of searching for, booking travel to, and competing in tennis tournaments. His colleagues were struggling to find plane tickets, book hotels, and communicate locally while traveling to events. When we sat down with Mr. Nathan, we learned that he has always been fascinated with science and computers from and early age and that these interests played a huge role in the development of his company. His tennis career was not what he had hoped for but being the person that he is, he was always looking to improve things, and in this case, he improved the entire sport. He decided to leave the game and develop BaselineAgent, a company, which now is synonymous with the game of tennis.

Starting the company was not easy as for many months, as little income was generated and Mr. Nathan thought that maybe he had developed something that people were not interested in. He kept it running and persevered, relying on his experience on the tour and that what he saw was missing was in fact a desirable service. He was absolutely right. Today, BaselineAgent serves over one million users and generates revenues of about US $10 billion dollars annually. They have products and services for every aspect of the sports. Their mobile application is so widely and frequently used that their per user ad revenue can compete with and surpass companies who own ad networks. The company has developed a hardware device to better your tennis game called SwingCheck which has already sold more than one million units after only four months on the market. BaselineAgent features every single service that a tennis player could ask for and as of last year, not just professional and junior players, but recreational players as well.

During our interview, Mr. Nathan told us about the upcoming Active Node System, which has been touted as the most revolutionary product for tennis since the invention of the tennis ball. It is a space-age product arriving years ahead of its time. Mr. Nathan explained to us that the Active Node System technology is the perfect blend of physics, chemistry, and tennis. He is extremely excited about and we learned from BaselineAgent chief scientist, Lawrence Rosenfeld, that Mr. Nathan single-handedly invented the entire technology.

If you ran into Mr. Nathan on the street, you would probably not recognize him nor would you realize the magnitude of what he has created...and he likes to keep it that way. He is one of the most low-key, down-to-earth guys, and has no desire to flaunt his success. He is supremely intelligent but also has a very humorous and light hearted side. Recently, in Las Vegas, Mr. Nathan made his first public appearance in front of about 300 press people from all over the world and discussed the company, its success, and launched some new products. The audience's reaction to him and his presentation speaks volumes. The last time a technology CEO was received like that was when the late Steve Jobs delivered keynotes.

We asked him what his goals are and what his plan was for the upcoming years. Mr. Nathan wants to keep BaselineAgent growing at the fast pace it is now and has several new products and services in the pipeline which will further simplify the lives of tennis players, and their affiliates. But his real goal is something very special to his heart. Mr. Nathan is in the process of building an orphanage in South India for homeless and abused children. This is his life's goal and will do everything in his power to accomplish this goal. During our interview, Mr. Nathan made it a point to note that this whole business and the eventual IPO is only for the sustainability of the orphanage. His plans are to develop an entire town not just a building where the children can live, learn, play, and worship.

After sitting down with Mr. Nathan, we can really understand that he truly is a powerful blend of intelligence, grace, humility, and lovable childlike qualities. He is probably the wealthiest man you have never heard of, with a current net worth of around 16.2 billion dollars. He has achieved an incredible amount at the ripe age of thirty one and we expect to see much more from him in the years to come.

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