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The Wealthiest Man You Probably Never Heard Of, Part Two

An inside look at reclusive billionaire Ramesh Kris Nathan.

    BOMBAY, INDIA, June 25, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When we first sat down with reclusive billionaire Ramesh Kris Nathan, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of BaselineAgent, Inc., about three months ago, we thought we understood the magnitude of what he had built, but as time passed and we began to process the conversation we had, we came to the realization that we did not understand, because we could not understand, immediately, the magnitude. Achievements this large need to time to fully comprehend.

Mr. Nathan, who as mentioned in part one of this article, is extremely humble and low-key for someone who has a net worth of US $19.1 billion (up approx. US $3 billion from part one of this article). His company's IPO could propel him to the top five wealthiest people in the world. Behind his unassuming demeanor is the mind that has built one of the most successful companies on the globe. BaselineAgent currently has a membership base of about 2.4 million and is growing everyday. It generated around US $10 billion annually and has no debt. The services offered are some of the most beneficial and streamlined services available to any athlete of any sport.

BaselineAgent's SwingCheck device and application has already sold over ten million units following its December 2012 launch and the upcoming Active Node System has projections to sell nearly 100 million units within nine months.

With an IQ higher than the great Albert Einstein, Mr. Nathan's mind parallels that of the late Steve Jobs or the fictional Iron Man alter-ego of Tony Stark. He has revolutionized tennis and continues to deliver groundbreaking products and services. The company's new ad exchange program and state-of-the-art NFC ad technology is light years ahead of its time. Mr. Nathan is the true definition of an entrepreneur, an innovator, a capitalist. He has created an aura around the company, and it's products and services. It's an aura that extends to him and sparks people's curiosity and interest. Mr. Nathan's mind has changed the world of sports and according to him, he will never rest on his laurels. He continues to work hard at developing new ideas that will be game-changers.

Mr. Nathan is pursuing perfection, at all costs. He is not consumed with making money and says that money is a byproduct of good products and services. "If we focus on perfection, making things as good as we possibly can, then the outcome will be profitable. Being a CEO is a tough job because on the one hand you want to make compelling products and on the other hand you want to keep shareholders happy. Profitability is what everyone sees [on the outside], but unique, engaging products and services are what drive profitability", commented Mr. Nathan.

During our conversations with Mr. Nathan, we heard him speak of many different analogies regarding the development of ideas, some that were so unique we had to stop to think about them before continuing. He has a connection with something most people don't. He sees things very differently, very uniquely. It's almost as if he can see the details of things that we cannot. He understands the inner workings of things and their meaning more than the majority of the population. At certain points during this interview, we felt more like we were sitting down with an Eastern philosopher than a CEO. There is a certain understated charm and mystery about him that makes you intrigued to learn more.

Now, after letting things sink in for three months, we realize fully what Mr. Nathan has done to grow BaselineAgent into something so powerful and diverse. We applaud his efforts and look forward to what else he has in store for the world.

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