All Press Releases for April 22, 2014

Theo Jorgensen Wins The World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris Main Event Fabrice Touil Wins $187,290

Still, Fabrice Touil has earned the respect of other professional poker players as he continues to establish his name in the poker scene.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, April 22, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Fabrice Touil took home $187,290. After an entertaining World Poker Tour main event at the Aviation Club de France, Danish Theo Jorgensen has officially won the tournament. He won the tournament with a pair of aces on the flop, edging out second prize winner Antoine Amourette who came out with a pair of sixes. Jorgensen took home $782,818 while Amourette won $405,906. In third place was Per Linde who won $289,935. Fourth place was taken by Mickael Guenni with a prize pool of $231,949. In fifth place, local Fabrice Touill won $187,290.

Touil was rather unlucky in his elimination. He went all in against Jorgensen with an ace and an eight, who had a jack and an eight. Jorgensen won the flop when it revealed both a jack and an eight. That spelt the end of the night for Touil who had played a very solid tournament up until that point and was looking poised to head into the final seats. "I thought I had him. Any time you have an ace going into the flop, the odds are in your favor in the case of a showdown. He scored those two pairs and it was over. You can't predict that," said Touil after the match.

Jorgensen was ecstatic with his win. He could hardly contain his excitement. After the match, Jorgensen stated, "Wow, I'm on top of the world, it means so much to win a WPT title."

Still, Fabrice Touil has earned the respect of other professional poker players as he continues to establish his name in the poker scene. He is a talented player with many games ahead of him. His performance at home was an admirable one and French poker fans took notice as they cheered on their local player to win the tournament.

The next World Poker Tour event is the Spanish Championship which will be hosted in Barcelona, Spain between the dates of May 19th to 23rd.

Born in Paris, Fabrice Touil grew up in Paris with his mother and father. His mother looked after their household while his father worked at their family business, a clothing store located in Paris. Fabrice often helped his father in the store when needed, but his main focus at the time was in competitive sports. He played tennis and soccer for many years and realized over time that his competitive drive was a large source of encouragement to keep at it. His parents often pushed him and motivated him to work hard and seek out his dreams. Touil took this encouragement to heart and has since focused his passion on his current career of choice as a professional poker player.

Taking on a large task such as learning the ins and outs of poker wasn't easy, but his drive kept him going in the early years. Eventually Fabrice learned enough where he realized he could actually make a living while doing something he loved when it came to professional poker, and that moment was when his mind was set. Through the wins and the losses, Touil honed his ability to read opponents and work the mathematics behind this popular sport while seeking out success. In the short span of five years (2008-2013), he has been involved in many televised poker tournaments where he competed for some of the top prizes. His greatest feat thus far in the sport is placing 6th at the final table in the 2012 Partouche Poker Tour, winning $281,013. Touil hopes to one day win at the World Poker Tournament and World Series of Poker, but knows the amount of dedication and work to achieve this goal is within him.

While poker is an important part of his life, it isn't the only thing that defines Touil. Fabrice works with various medical research non-profits that are working to find cures for diseases, such as aids, cancer, and parkinson's disease. He is always looking to help people in need wherever they are and knows that he would not be where he is today without the support of others around him that did the same. Touil's other activities include adrenaline pumpers, like swimming with sharks, competitive sports, and running. His father has completed the New York marathon, a feat that Touil also seeks to accomplish at some point in the near future. Asked one word to describe himself, he choses "driven" which with the accomplishments he has so far, nobody could doubt.

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