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Tips for Car and Truck Safety from Accident Attorney in Orlando, Todd Miner

Orlando accident attorney Todd Miner provides key advice on how to avoid automobile accidents for car and truck drivers.

    ORLANDO, FL, April 08, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It's common knowledge that driving conditions can be dangerous during inclement weather, but when it's nice outside, driving is still a dangerous activity.

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, two out of three people will be involved in a car accident in their lifetime. For most, getting behind the wheel of a car or truck is the most dangerous thing a person can do on any given day.

Given the frequency with which accidents occur and the inherent dangerousness of operating a motor vehicle, it is important to take steps to make sure you are not one of the statistics.

Tips for Safe Driving

According to Orlando car accident attorney Todd Miner, one of the biggest hazards is trying to multitask at the wheel. Texting, putting on makeup, trying to reach around and grab your bag from the backseat, or anything that diverts your attention away from the road is inherently dangerous. Operating a car or truck demands your full attention. This is important not just for your safety, but the safety of the other drivers around you.

It's also prudent to stay mindful of other drivers on the road and to pay attention to the way they are driving. Doing this can put you on notice of a driver who you see is speeding or weaving in and out of lanes. Aggressive driving may get your where you need to go a few minutes sooner, but the Orlando accident lawyer believes it's not worth the risk of having a car accident. Car and truck manufacturers are doing their part to make vehicles safer, so do your part by driving defensively.

When the weather is nice this spring, you can roll your windows and sunroof down. While you blast your music and let the wind blow through your hair, the enticement to speed is more present than ever. Avoid driving at high speeds so that you have time to react to any sudden changes in the road or traffic pattern.

"When the sun comes out and the weather is nice, people tend to drive a little more carefree, and I see a spike in cases involving automobile accidents. This could be avoided if people on the road are just a little more cautious and attentive when driving when it's nice out," explains Todd Miner, Personal Injury Attorney.

Implementing these three simple tips into your daily driving routine can help avoid a possible accident and keep you, your loved ones and your vehicle safe.

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