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Today's Entrepreneurs Inspire AIM Marketing Acquisitions

With entrepreneurship becoming increasingly popular, AIM Marketing Acquisitions review some of the top international entrepreneurs and what characteristics dictate their success.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, August 07, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Looking at the world's top entrepreneurs can give new business owners an insight into what makes a business successful, and the characteristics required from them to push their own businesses forward. Entrepreneurship is on the rise across Australia, ranking fourth in the Global Entrepreneurship development Institute Index. It also seems that it's not just young graduates who are taking the plunge into business ownership. Although the country has slightly more male entrepreneurs than female, the number of female business owners is on the rise. An AWCCI report found that in the last five years the number of women entrepreneurs had increased by 8.9% whilst the number of men dropped by 3.7%, meaning that the percentage of female entrepreneurs to men appears to be becoming far more equal than ever before across Australia. AIM Marketing Acquisitions are thrilled by these results and hope the news will encourage more business minds to embrace their creativity and start their own businesses to help grow Australia's economy.

Entrepreneurs have become a vital part of Australia's economy. Young start-up companies contribute significantly during tougher economic times, bringing positivity to local communities and injecting funds back into their local area. Start-ups also open the job market up to people who may otherwise struggle to find work with larger corporations. Start-ups are more open to the idea of flexible and freelance working which allows workers to fit a career round other commitments. They also provide career opportunities for young people, entrepreneurs look for enthusiasm and creative potential in their staff meaning that young people make ideal employees and embody the start-up culture.

AIM Marketing Acquisitions think that for start-ups to succeed its important for budding entrepreneurs to recognise the key attributes required of them to run a successful enterprise. Entrepreneurship is not something to be entered into lightly; entrepreneurs are self-starters who constantly seek out opportunities. A British survey found that the idea of industry success and overcoming challenges was the biggest motivator among entrepreneurs, whilst a strong passion for their industry was the second biggest motivator. AIM Marketing Acquisitions believe that the best way for entrepreneurs to understand business and improve their skills is to learn from the experiences of the world's leading entrepreneurs. AIM Marketing Acquisitions have reviewed the success of two of the world's top entrepreneurs and what makes them so inspiring.

Even Spiegel
The 23 year old co-founder of picture messaging app Snapchat became famous after turning down a $3 billion offer from Facebook to buy the app. Spiegel's passion for his industry kept him loyal to his business despite a tempting offer, and the loyalty paid off with the business receiving a valuation of $2 billion last year, a figure that's set to double by the end of 2014. Spiegel left university before finishing his degree which, although an extreme case, proves that sometimes in business it's important to take risks.

Howard Schultz
The entrepreneur behind Starbucks, Schultz is a good example of how entrepreneurs face many difficult decisions throughout their careers. In order to survive a tough economy Schultz called for a halt to growth plans and strategically closed stores to keep the business in revenue. With the economy now stable and Starbucks branching out into packaged foods and drinks, Schultz's experiences are a great example of the importance of looking at the bigger picture and planning for the future rather than pushing for growth in the wrong market.

AIM Marketing Acquisitions hope that people across Australia will continue to be inspired by the successes entrepreneurship can offer. The firm offer support to many local entrepreneurial minds through their own business development program which helps to prepare individuals for the realities of the business world.

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