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Transform Negative Outcomes into Positive Motivation using AtlasCorp's Top Tips

The road to entrepreneurship in the sales and marketing industry can be paved with many challenges and obstacles. However, AtlasCorp's MD Matt Stewart believes that successful entrepreneurs use these challenges as fuel to drive their goals further.

    SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, August 13, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In a seminar held for his contractors last week, Mr Stewart urged his contractors to transform the setbacks they may face on a day to day basis into positive motivations.

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As a well-accomplished entrepreneur, who has nurtured the talents of other successful business owners, Mr Stewart is aware of the difference a positive mentality can have on an individual's success.

Mr Stewart explained to his contractors that although it is easy to get overwhelmed by the challenges of negative situations, it is important to overcome the circumstances by making them work to their advantages.

In the session, Mr Stewart stated that it is a pointless letting negativity control their behaviour and mindset. Instead, Mr Stewart divulged some of his top tips on how to turn negative influences into positive action.

Learn from negativity - "It is natural to feel dejected when faced with a negative situation" stated Mr Stewart. "However, it is much more useful and productive to put a positive spin on it and use it as an opportunity for learning and self-development" he continued.

Replace the negativity with positive affirmations - Mr Stewart suggested that instead of letting negativity take hold, professionals should instead create a number of positive affirmations in order to help them reach their desired goals. A number of studies have found that positive affirmations to contribute to improving an individual's willpower, social confidence, problem-solving and creativity.

Find an outlet that promotes positivity - Mr Stewart believes that another way professionals can transform negativity into positivity is to find an outlet that naturally boosts positive energy. This could be engaging in extra-curricular activities such as a team sport or participating in a mindfulness and well-being session.

With offices in Sheffield, Nottingham, and Liverpool, AtlasCorp takes pride in their ability to deliver exceptional face-to-face event marketing solutions on behalf of the high-profile brands they represent. In order to maintain their industry reputation, AtlasCorp recruits ambitious and driven young professionals that are committed to the firm's values and mission. The firm invests a large proportion of their time in equipping budding entrepreneurs with the tools needed to become successful entrepreneurs in the sales and marketing industry.


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