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Treasures Auctions - The Ultimate Collection of Unique Treasures from Verified Sellers

Treasures Auctions is a collective of International sellers all over the world and have sold over 400,00 gems worldwide from gemstones, jewelry, gold and silver coins and all sellers are verified which is important to our buyers.

    GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA, May 11, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In a cluttered online universe it is difficult to find brands you can trust. Treasures Auctions understands this struggle for credibility and verifies both buyers and sellers before finalizing transactions. Treasures Auctions is a collective brand of verified international auction sites specializing in certified gemstones, coins, and fashion from Australia and beyond.

Becoming a verified seller means you must:
- Have a passion and knowledge for gemstones
- Be a member of a trade or jewelry organization
- Offer wholesale prices not retail
- Business and personal references to prove your established business and adherence to high business standards
- Exchange wins if buyer requests

The Gemstone Sheriff Program
This program is operated through a group of qualified Gemmologist and panel of advisers from the Gemstone industry. The Gemstone Sheriffs are tasked with mediating buyer and seller interactions within the Treasures Auctions network. All sellers are expected to adhere to the highest level of etiquette and will be given three warnings before being permanently suspended. An expected level of positive feedback is set at 95% with sellers being downgraded below that threshold. The goal of the Gemstone Sheriff Program is to conduct quality auction that will further the opal/gemstone industry.

Since the launch of the Gemstone Sheriff Program, over 2000 auctions have been revised to meet quality standards. Each auction listing is embedded with an option to request a Gemstone Sheriff review said item. A trained Gemologist is then tasked with clarifying any issues once a request has been made. Only eligible members can request a Gemstone Sheriff audit and will receive an internal memo of results delivered to his or her site inbox. Once the review is complete, the results will be publicly displayed on the specified auction listing in question.

Verified sellers are not allowed to link between Treasures Auctions' profiles to their own websites and are barred from spamming customers with any outside communications. Sellers remain unverified until they attain 20 positive feedback ratings and post 100 listings. Treasures Auctions brings millions of verified buyers and sellers together in a fast-paced and glamorous marketplace.

The Treasures Auctions brands include:
Opal Auctions. A verified auction circuit of wholesale opal dealers from around the globe. Opal Auctions includes an in-depth blog and extensive opal education articles.

Prospective opal buyers enjoy the following benefits after site registration:
- No membership fees for buyers
- Exclusive wholesale prices
- Secure payment system through Paypal
- 100% satisfaction guarantee from all opal sellers
- User friendly online auction system
- Built-in communication tools to talk with others in the gemstone community

Opal Auctions user testimonials suggest satisfied customers from the casual opal jewelry consumer to the sophisticated opal investor. The auction platforms offer detailed photos and video of each piece up for bid. Opal Auctions also supports an extensive feedback and rating system.

Gem Rock Auctions: Featuring no reserve $1 and $5 natural gemstone auctions, Gem Rock Auctions brings a global market to your fingertips! Over 400,000 items have been sold through this auction site worth over $16 million! A trusted natural gemstone partner since 2007, Gem Rock Auctions offers the following benefits:
- No membership fees for buyers
- Exclusive wholesale prices
- Secure payment system through Paypal
- 100% satisfaction guarantee from all gemstone sellers
- User friendly online auction system
- Built-in communication tools to talk with others in the gemstone community

All natural gemstone inventory is 100% driven by customer satisfaction through verified gemstone wholesalers. Simply place your bid, monitor its progress, and purchase the item if you are the highest bidder! It couldn't be easier.

Jewelry Auctioned: The Internet's premier source for unique jewelry, Jewelry Auctioned promotes all levels of gemstone jewelry from antique masterpieces to charms and pendants. All transactions are backed up by the Treasures Auctions 100% satisfaction guarantee, Jewelry Auctioned rises above the rest. The site promotes a jewelry encyclopedia and tips for making a perfect gemstone purchase.

Gemstones Auctions: The best online source for loose synthetic gemstones and synthetic gemstone jewelry. Visitors can find all types of man-made gemstones from opals to quartz to amazing glass creations. All are sold through 100% verified wholesalers and backed-up by Treasures Auctions' customer satisfaction guarantee.

Auction categories include:
- Loose created gemstones
- Rings
- Necklaces and Pendants
- Watches and Bracelets
- Earrings and other Accessories

Visitors of the site can educate themselves on how to buy synthetic gemstones as well as reference any gemstone topic in its Synthetic Gemstone Encyclopedia. When in the market for well-crafted synthetic pieces of jewelry and loose stones, Gemstones Auctions is ahead of the rest.

Coins Auctioned: Ancient and modern come together in a multifaceted marketplace designed with the customer in mind. Coins Auctioned has been a leader in the collectible coin market since 2009 with over 44,000 bids to date! All buyers and sellers are verified through the Treasures Auctions network with a commitment on buyer satisfaction. Coins Auctioned promotes no reserve auctions and a wide array of limited edition coin series set in commemorative boxes complete with certificate of authenticity. Buyers can make offers or buy coins immediately depending on his or her preference. The auction platform is straightforward and easy to use with high quality video and descriptive photos.

My Fashion HQ: Treasures Auctions' latest site brings together the worlds of high fashion and one-of-a-kind statement pieces. From custom jewelry to hand bags and scarves, My Fashion HQ is sure to delight any visitor looking for a unique wardrobe addition. With an extensive sizing guide, My Fashion HQ take all of the guessing out of online apparel shopping. Home to a fashion encyclopedia where visitors can research fashion trends and define which products suit your tastes best. Product returns are quick and easy with customer satisfaction being FHQ's number one priority.

The Treasures Auctions network invites all visitors to discover the fascinating world of gemstone auctions. Our sincere hope is that all consumers will find their niche and discover the beauty of both synthetic and natural treasures. The Treasures Auctions network prides itself on educating and protecting consumers through the auction process and will always encourage customer feedback and work diligently to resolve any dissatisfaction.

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