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Trending Up: Gardening in Raised Beds

Raised Bed Gardening is trending up in the garden, on the porch, the deck and out on the patio. Contained gardens are all the rage and Gardener's Blue Ribbon just announced how to make it all so much prettier with their elegantly designed corners.

Gardeners love the new raised bed garden decorative corners from Gardener's Blue Ribbon. Now, they can have a classy raised bed garden to showcase their awesome vegetables.

    PHILADELPHIA, PA, April 30, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Raised beds for gardening are all the rage. Containing gardens is not a totally new concept, but the idea of incorporating raised beds into traditional gardening has become much more mainstream in the past decade. Not only have gardeners embraced raised bed gardening but now they are getting creative with the Gardener's Blue Ribbon Raised Bed Garden Kit that comes with elegantly designed corners to give the ordinary raised bed a touch of class!

What is raised bed gardening?

Raised gardening beds are contained areas higher than ground level that consist of soil, which is usually raised approximately 6 inches to waist-high. Generally the entire bed is filled with crops and the gardener works around it, as the beds typically are square with five-foot long sides, totaling 25 square feet of gardening space.

In raised beds the vegetable plants are spaced much closer than in conventional row gardening which helps to create an environment that suppresses weeds and helps to keep moisture in the soil. Raised beds can host a wide variety of plants including vegetables, fruits, herbs, perennial flowers, annual flowers, as well as small bushes or shrubs.

Why use raised beds for gardening?

Gardeners have their own preference for why they employ raised beds for gardening, but the most popular reasons include:

- Economically efficient - Raised beds save money on water and fertilizer as you only apply to the raised bed where the crops are growing, not all the space between as done in a normal garden layout.

- Less weeding - Weeds can't flourish in densely grown areas because they are unable to compete with the root systems in a raised bed, giving gardeners a relief from unwanted weeding time and a bad back.

- Longer growing season - Raised beds offer a warmer environment for soil and therefore can lengthen the growing season. Additionally, the soil also dries out faster so cool-season crops can be planted earlier, too.

- Protect against critters - Creating raised beds at hip height can act as a defense against moles, rabbits, groundhogs, and other unwanted creatures.

- More comfortable - The height offered by raised beds can make gardening a more comfortable and enjoyable hobby. Backs, shoulders, and knees will be thankful for not continuously hunching over.

Raised beds are still susceptible to pests and insect issues so gardeners will want to keep an organic insect killer on hand. Safer Brand EndALL Insect Killer is a great option that kills over 45 different bug species, from egg to adult, on contact. []

Trending Up: Garden Beds Get Fancy

In addition to raised beds, vegetable plants can be contained in smaller containers that can be raised on posts up to 2 feet and can be housed on a patio or deck. These moveable raised containers can be planted with lettuce varieties, herbs and other smaller vegetables, but the yield from these small raised containers can be significant.

Gardeners have started to incorporate design elements into their raised garden beds with the introduction of the Gardener's Blue Ribbon Raised Bed Garden Kit with Decorative Corners. The elegantly designed corners allow for building a raised bed garden with virtually any sized two-wide lumber and can be used for any size of raised bed garden.

The steel corners can be used for many gardening seasons and their sturdy construction guarantees that the corners of the raised bed won't pull apart mid-way through the gardening season.

The corners are powder coated steel construction and have a patent pending design that allows for a "no tools" setup making it easy for even the first-time gardener to have a great looking raised bed.

The kit also includes sturdy stake holder which are also of powder coated steel construction, are easy to install and have a simple decorative design that complements the raised bed corners in the kit.

The entire kit is currently on sale for $71.99 and can be purchased online at

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