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TruDenta, a Groundbreaking Advancement in Headache and Migraine Treatment, Comes to Seattle Area, Thanks to Michael Hrankowski, DDS; Resolve to Live without Headaches and Pain in 2013

Why suffer from chronic headaches, migraines and pain when treatment in the Seattle area is now only a phone call away, thanks to the TruDenta Treatment Program offered by Edmonds Woodway Dental Care and Dr. Michael Hrankowski, a top Seattle dentist.

    SEATTLE, WA, January 07, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The National Headache Foundation estimates that 90% of the population endures chronic debilitating headaches and 29 million American suffer from migraines.

Why suffer when treatment in the Seattle area is now only a phone call away, thanks to the TruDenta Treatment Program offered by Edmonds Woodway Dental Care and Dr. Michael Hrankowski, a top Seattle dentist specializing in headache relief, Temporomandibular Disorders (TMJ / TMD) and Dentomandibular Sensorimotor Dysfunction.

"We are pleased to be the first practice in our area to offer this comprehensive treatment program for patients suffering with chronic pain relating to headaches, migraines, tension and bite imbalance," said Dr. Hrankowski. "Thanks to the innovative TruDenta Treatment Program, you can have a peaceful, healthier and pain-free New Year."

Dr. Hrankowski said the TruDenta Treatment Program combines techniques from sports medicine, neuroscience and advanced dental concepts. "We use a combination of proven therapeutic, state-of-the-art techniques to evaluate and treat patients with pain or discomfort caused as a consequence of improper muscle forces in the mouth, neck, and head area," he said. "The TruDenta treatment program allows us to give our patients immediate relief and long-lasting results."

Dental Headache Care Treats Underlying Cause of Chronic Headaches
Dental headache care treats the underlying cause of chronic headaches--pain or discomfort caused by imbalanced and/or excessive forces in the mouth. These forces create reactions that tell the pain communication center (known as the trigeminal cervical nucleus) to send pain signals to the face, head, or neck region. Since this nerve center collects all the sensory information from the head/neck/mouth areas of the body, it is often an underlying condition somewhere in these areas that causes chronic, severe headaches.

By addressing and treating the source of the problem, rather than masking the pain, dental headache care can provide lasting pain relief to many patients who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. The TruDenta system used by dentists targets the improper muscle function in the head, neck, and jaw areas that cause painful conditions. It is similar to successful methods used in sports rehabilitation to speed an athlete's recovery.

Using TruDenta, Dr. Hrankowski first evaluates a patient's pain symptoms and disabilities in the teeth, muscles, and joints. Then, based on the objective data, Dr. Hrankowski provides patients with individualized therapy tailored to their condition. This rehabilitation of the muscles and nerves and bite causing the pain is a combination of in-office treatments and at-home care. The treatment is minimally invasive and painless, with no needles or drugs involved.

"The very first patient we treated had chronic daily headaches with level 8 out of 10 pain for 20 years," Dr. Hrankowski said. "At least once a month, her pain would be so severe it would incapacitate her for three days. She was on all sorts of medication for pain, depression and anxiety.

"She went through a 12 week rehabilitation program and by the time we were done, she had weaned herself off most of her pain meds. Her anxiety decreased to the point where she needed medication only infrequently and her depression markedly improved. Most remarkable, however, was the almost complete elimination of her headaches. By week 12, she was having perhaps two mild headaches per week, and by using some of the home care modalities we provided, was able to stop the headache from progressing past the mild stage.

"When we were done, she said 'Thank you for giving me my life back.' It doesn't get much better than that," Dr. Hrankowski said. "It's so exciting and rewarding to see patients take back control of their lives and their health with more pain-free days."

Dr. Hrankowski said a portion of the TruDenta program may be covered by insurance and financing is available.

About Dr. Hrankowski
Dr. Hrankowski has maintained a private practice that focuses on comprehensive adult dental care since 1982. Dr. Michael Hrankowski has earned degrees in both psychology and dentistry from the University of Washington. As a dental school faculty member, Dr. Hrankowski served in the capacity of assistant clinical professor in the department of restorative dentistry. He has had several articles published and often lectures to dentists and other allied health care professionals. Dr. Hrankowski maintains numerous study club and other professional affiliations.

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