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Veggie Cage Company Announces Release of the Tomato Ring and the Veggie Cage - The Cage On A Stake

Master Gardeners heap praise on Veggie Cage Company for their Tomato Ring and Veggie Cage, the Cage On A Stake; two gardening devices they say combine function and form.

    ST. LOUIS, MO, January 18, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Veggie Cage Company of St. Louis announced today the release of their newest ground-breaking, gardening products; the Tomato Ring and the Veggie Cage - the Cage on a Stake. Both items have already received critical acclaim from domestic gardeners as well as professionals who rave over the ingenious design and remarkable functionality of these home gardening products.

For years gardeners have been discussing the need to secure tomato plants and other similarly growing vegetable plants while voicing their complaints about bulky tomato cages that don't work and require a great deal of storage space in the winter. Other methods of securing vegetables such as tying, were also met with poor reviews as they look messy, require too much labor and more often than not, break the vines.

The versatility and ingenuity of the Veggie Cage and the Tomato Ring is not lost on its customer base. "I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy the Veggie Cages. I use them also to support my bush beans, and soon, pole peas. They work great for more than just tomatoes," said one master gardener expressing his obvious endorsement of the new Veggie Cage products. Another master gardener responding to questions about her findings when using the Tomato Ring and Cage on a Stake replied, "These are not just great plant supports and tomato cages. They are also amazing for growing snow peas too. Now it is really easy to see the snow peas so I don't miss any."

The Tomato Ring and the Cage on a Stake from Veggie Cage LLC now give gardeners a practical and affordable alternative to raising their vegetables while also helping to transform the art of gardening. Among the most compelling features of both devices are their "toss in a bucket storage" as well as their proven function and a unique look, which enhances the eye appeal of every garden where they are used. This is an especially welcome upshot of using the Tomato Ring and the Cage on a Stake, an opinion which is also echoed by the neighbors and friends of the home and master gardeners now using these inventive new products.

"Finally, I found something that holds up my tomato plants without falling over," said one happy Tomato Ring owner while another contacted for their feedback commented, "I hate tying up tomato plants. Last year I used the Tomato Ring and Cage on a Stake and I never had to tie them at all. I loved it."

The Tomato Ring and Cage on a Stake are also great devices for anyone interested in taking up gardening as a new hobby because they provide an affordable option in this challenging economy. The easy storage options and aesthetically pleasing presentation are other great benefits enjoyed by the gardening hobbyist when using these inventive new products.

"I need more! They look good and do a wonderful job. No more ugly wire tomato cages," writes one customer while another says, "The things are great for storing in my garage. I just threw them in a plastic bucket at the end of the season. What a terrific idea."

For more information on Veggie Cage LLC or the Tomato Ring and the Veggie Cage, or to schedule an interview with the owners please call 314-276-4140 or email to

Veggie Cage owners Rob Sanazaro and Michel Paille note, "Even as many other people offer opinions that products made today are too expensive to produce in America, we hold firm to the concept of 'Made In The USA.'" The Veggie Cage company is located in St. Louis, Missouri.


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