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Ventas Central: Colour Psychology is Important in Business

Having spent time investigating a variety of different colours and styles, Ventas Central have revealed their research behind branding colour schemes and highlight 3 reasons every business should understand the psychology behind colours.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, June 19, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Ventas Central have highlighted why understanding colour psychology is important for business.

Reason one being that colours impact a consumer's interpretation of a brand's personality; for example, blue is associated with trust and strength, red is connected with excitement and youth and purple is linked with sophistication and creativity. Psychologist Jennifer Aaker has conducted studies on Dimensions of Brand Personality and her studies have found 5 core dimensions that play a role in a brand's personality:

- Sincerity - Domestic, Honest, Genuine, Cheerful.
- Excitement - Daring, Spirited, Imaginative, Up-to-date.
- Competence - Reliable, Responsible, Dependable, Efficient.
- Sophistication - Glamorous, Presentation, Charming, Romantic.
- Ruggedness - Tough, Strong, Outdoorsy, Rugged.

Sometimes brands can cross between several traits but they are mainly subject to one and this can be reflected in the link between the use of certain colours and a consumer's perception of a brand's personality.

The second reason is that colours can be used to attract a certain gender, the most common being pink for girls and blue for boys. Mentioned in Aaker's article, Joe Hallock created a study on this topic entitled 'Colour Assignments' his data clearly displays preferences in certain colours across gender. Showing that blue was the clear favourite among men with colours such as yellow, purple and orange being among their least favourite. With women blue was also the favourite, alongside purple that featured in men's least favourite. Understanding this is important to brands targeting a certain type of consumer.

Reason three is that colours that 'jump out' are more likely to be remembered and in turn make a brand more memorable. The psychological principle known as 'the Isolation Effect' states that if an item 'stands out like a sore thumb' it is more likely to be remembered. The Isolation Effect concentrates on the ability to recall or recognise something that you have seen before and proves that when something stands out from its surroundings it is more recognisable and easily remembered.

Ventas Central is an outsourcing solution that delivers promotional programs and marketing campaigns throughout the United Kingdom. They aim to help their clients produce maximum market penetration through human interaction. Ventas Central reveal their branding and colour scheme involves the colours red, grey and black for specific reasons. The colours of their brand/logo represent their business well. Red being the colour for excitement, youth and boldness, this symbolizes the excitement and fresh-thinking idea behind Ventas Central's direct marketing campaigns. Red also depicts passion and one of Ventas Central's proudest attributes is that they are passionate about exposing potential new customers to products and services. With black/grey being the colour that represents balance and calm this reflects in Ventas Central's business and how they approach their clients and what they do for them. Using what they have learnt about the importance of understanding colour psychology in business Ventas Central have been able to pick colours that represent their brand well for what they are and what they aim to do.

Ventas Central is a London based Sales and Marketing Company that specialise in direct marketing.

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