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Ventura Dentist Offers Clearcorrect: A Clear Choice For Patients

Dr. Greg Meier, dentist in Venture, CA, is happy to help patients with their smiles by offering ClearCorrect-invisible braces.

Dr. Greg Meier, dentist in Venture, CA, is happy to help patients with their smiles by offering ClearCorrect-invisible braces.

    VENTURA, CA, October 23, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Some patients feel a little anxious when their dentist tells them they need orthodontic treatment. With corrected bite and function, patients will improve their overall oral health. It's a big step to take, so many feel a little weary about where to start. It's nothing to worry about. Dr. Greg Meier, dentist in Ventura, CA, handles orthodontic treatment, and he does it discreetly with ClearCorrect-invisible braces. It's identical to Invisalign but at half the cost.

In most cases, a patient expresses his or her concerns about noticeable orthodontic wear because he or she still thinks traditional braces are the go-to treatment option. At Hill View Dental Care, Dr. Meier and his staff can treat your orthodontic needs without anyone noticing.

"Patients worry all the time about the way their teeth look. We help them fix any dental issues that affect the function and aesthetic look of teeth. ClearCorrect is a simple, effective way for patients to correct their smiles. My patients are around people all the time-at school, work and home. I am behind-the-scenes working hard to make my patients feel comfortable and happy with their orthodontic treatment," said Dr. Meier, orthodontist in Ventura, Ca.

With ClearCorrect, patients don't need to worry about brackets or wires. It corrects bite and function. Plus, it's a great treatment to give patients' aesthetically pleasing smiles. If Clear Correct is a good option for a patient, Dr. Meier takes the patient's impressions, X-rays and possibly some additional photos (to track progress). ClearCorrect receives patient's records and prescription, and they customize the patient's invisible braces. It's a crystal clear solution to patients' orthodontia issues.

When patients first get ClearCorrect, Dr. Meier will help them insert the aligners and go over a personalized treatment plan. There isn't one set of aligners. Different aligners are provided for different phases of adjustment. Appointments will feel like a breeze.

Dr. Meier stresses the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene during this time. Take out ClearCorrect aligners to brush and floss. Food won't be a hassle because ClearCorrect is removable. Remove the aligner when eating-no one will know. Also, take aligners out when consuming beverages.

"Most patients will be a perfect fit for ClearCorrect, but others may not be good candidates. Upon evaluation, I will know where a patient stands as a candidate for ClearCorrect. We will do everything we can to make our patients happy," said Dr. Meier, Ventura orthodontist.

Dr. Meier's services also include dental implants, dentures and other cosmetic dentistry in Ventura, CA. Check out Dr. Meier's website to find out more (see link below). Browse through the staff bios, blog posts, oral health resources and much more!

To learn more about ClearCorrect, patients are encouraged to visit the practice's comprehensive dental website at

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