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Vince Del Monte Completes 5-Day Hypertrophy Bootcamp

Vince Del Monte was joined by 16 other students from around the world to attend the Hypertrophy Bootcamp led by world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin and instructors Ben Pakulski, Derek Woodske and Ryan Fanley.

    HAMILTON, ON, May 17, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Vince Del Monte recently completed an intense Hypertrophy Bootcamp to both put on muscle and learn the theory and process of Hypertrophy muscle growth by experiencing it first hand. Led by Charles Poliquin, the bootcamp introduced the students to 15 different hypertrophy models for fast muscle growth. The students trained three times a day and targeted the same body part with three different hypertrophy workouts each day!

Hypertrophy training is the process of building muscle through resistance training and advanced nutrition and supplementation strategies. Hyprtrophy Bootcamp allows the students to experiment 15 different workouts that involve the manipulation of reps, sets, rest periods, exercise selection, tempo and loads. At the end of a 5 day training session a body may be skinnier due to the intensity of the workout, but when you recover you "supercompensate" and become bigger. Many students gain anywhere from 3-7 pounds of quality mass after taking 5 days off!

"The planned overtraining of Hypertrophy Bootcamp is not for most people. It requires you to already be near the peak of your physical condition and the willingness to push yourself to total failure beyond what you would normally think possible. If you're not scared to go to the gym, then you're not training hard enough!" said Vince Del Monte.

The information Vince learned at the bootcamp is being used to help improve his muscle building programs and is leading to new muscle gaining programs designed specifically for the people that can best benefit from it. On June 19th, Vince Del Monte is releasing Hypertrophy MAX. The promise of the new program? 12 unique hypertrophy models and elite coaching for colossal gains in strength and size. He'll be teaming up with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski on this new project.

Vince Del Monte holds an honors degree in Kenesiology from the University of Western Ontario and is the 2008 Canadian Fitness Model Champion. As a skinny guy growing up Vince always wanted to add muscle to his frame. Now Vince teaches others how to gain lean muscle mass, eat and train to gain the physique that they want. He has created many exercise and nutrition programs, including No-Nonsense Muscle Building and No-Nonsense 6 Pack. You can read more about Vince on his blog at http://vincedelmontefitness and on his new series Live Large TV

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