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Waldorf Dentist Names Top Three Procedures To Mask Discolored Teeth

Dr. Kai Rehder helps Waldorf, MD dental patients see stain-free smiles with veneers, bonding and/or crowns.

Dr. Kai Rehder helps Waldorf, MD dental patients see stain-free smiles with veneers, bonding and/or crowns.

    WALDORF, MD, May 11, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- While your teeth's enamel may look even in appearance, there are numerous, microscopic ridges and dips that love to catch dark pigments, causing stains to occur. As you age, some degree of tooth staining and darkening is to be expected. However, if you experience highly stained teeth that make you feel self-conscious about your smile, Waldorf cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kai Rehder, is here to help.

"Two types of stains exist: extrinsic and intrinsic," Dr. Rehder explains. "While extrinsic stains due to food and even smoking can potentially be removed with whitening or bleaching, intrinsic stains due to stains present at birth or due to injury can be more challenging to conceal."

Dr. Rehder says his Waldorf cosmetic dentist patients typically choose one of three options to conceal discolored or stained teeth that will not respond to whitening or bleaching.

The first option is dental veneers. These tooth-shape coverings are custom-made for each person and are designed to perfectly fit over the existing teeth. Dr. Rehder's patients choose the tooth shade they wish their teeth to appear that is whiter and stain-free, yet looks natural. Veneers are also an excellent option for patients wishing to conceal slight gaps, short or chipped teeth, according to Dr. Rehder.

Dental veneers typically require about three visits to Dr. Rehder's Waldorf cosmetic dentist office. If patients care for them just as they would their own teeth, dental veneers last on average anywhere from five to upwards of 20 years, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

The second option Dr. Rehder offers is bonding. Dental bonding is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry interventions in America, according to a 2013 AACD report. Bonding requires artistry in dentistry because Dr. Rehder applies tooth-colored dental resin over the stained tooth, working to shape and mold the resin over the tooth to conceal imperfections. Bonding is a good fit for a patient who has significant staining on only one or two teeth because each tooth is corrected individually. Unlike veneers, bonding does not require sending any molds to a dental laboratory. However, bonding may not last as long as other dental interventions used to conceal stained teeth.

The third option to conceal stained teeth is a crown. Also sometimes called caps, these dental coverings can conceal dental stains while also protecting teeth that are severely decayed, misshapen or broken. Like veneers, Dr. Rehder custom-makes molds of your teeth and sends the molds to a dental laboratory to create your crown. He can then apply and cement the crown over your tooth. If your tooth staining is due to a previous injury, dental crowns are an excellent option because they have protective effects as well as cosmetic benefits for Waldorf patients.

"When a patient has concerns over stained teeth, I always work with him or her to understand treatment options," Dr. Rehder says. "Many are delighted to know that for virtually every stain, there is a cosmetic dentistry intervention that can help."

For more information on cosmetic dentistry interventions to address stained teeth in Waldorf, patients can call Dr. Rehder's Pinefield Dental office at (301) 870-8100 or visit his website at

About Dr. Kai Rehder:
Dr. Rehder, a cosmetic dentist in Waldorf, MD, has been a practicing dentist since 1995. He is an honors graduate of the University of Minnesota Dental School and an active member of many dental associations, including the American Dental Association and the Maryland State Dental Association. He offers many cosmetic dentistry services in Waldorf, including whitening, bleaching, bonding, veneers and placing crowns.

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