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Wallace Morgan Review Marketing Tactics of America's Most Recognized Brands

NYC-based business, Wallace Morgan, review some of the best and potentially worst marketing tactics used by household brands here in the USA.

    NEW YORK, NY, July 17, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With so many options available to consumers across all industries, businesses are always competing in a highly saturated market, so precise and clever branding is always paramount to a business' success. New York-based sales and marketing firm Wallace Morgan, who specialize in providing innovative marketing campaigns and brand awareness for their clients review the increasingly extreme lengths big brands are going to to ensure they remain on top.

There are many occasions where consumers stumble across a brand, be it out of convenience or recommendation, and choose to stay loyal because they simply love the product or service. However for businesses to rely on this kind of repeat custom is an incredibly naive approach and no way to ensure success. The key to many brands power is their ability to appeal to their customers' emotions and values. Brands like Starbucks appeal to the younger generation thanks to the wide range drinks available on their ever changing menu. Their choices of flavors, sauces and non-dairy options means customer can get a product that truly represents them. Research has also shown that the under 30's favour brands that they can express themselves through, whether subconsciously or not.

A battle between brands is one of the quickest way to attract attention from customers, claims Wallace Morgan. One of the most well recognized brand brawls is that of Coca Cola and Pepsi. Coke currently holds the highest percentage of the market at 41% compared to Pepsi's 31%. Although, Pepsi do provide more diverse product lines which increases their brand reach. The interesting thing about both these brands is how differently they represent themselves. The market leaders of the soft drink brand themselves as a charitable organisation, with heart-warming marketing campaigns about sharing and friendship. Their most recent campaign 'sharing for summer' has created a buzz among the younger generation who are hoping their name will be one of the USA's most popular names printed on their bottles. Pepsi has taken a very different approach, focusing more on celebrity endorsements and spreading the idea of having fun and living in the moment. With their website reading more like a social media or entertainment news site, it's obvious that Pepsi believes their future success lies in their knowledge of online social trends, but could this also be their downfall?

A recent study into brand success online found that grammatical errors can affect a brands' credibility and puts their overall quality into question. Pepsi obviously agree communication online can be a great way for brands to communicate with their customers, however a grammatical error can quickly escalate and go viral, which although many may initially find funny, subconsciously this could affect their view of the brand in the future.

Some may argue that poor grammar from a big brand could give the brand a more honest and human element, which consumers are said to prefer. Yet with so much competition out there it may be a big risk to test out that theory.

Wallace Morgan agrees that good marketing communications are those that resonate with consumers and some 'attention-grabbing' tactics are an acceptable part of advertising in today's market. But the New York-based agency suggests conducting research into the long-term affects marketing tactics will have on a brand before launching a controversial campaign or battle with a competitor.

Wallace Morgan is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in New York, they specialize in direct marketing.

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