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Wallace Morgan Says Direct Marketing Companies Should Not Be Scared of 'The Rise of Digital'

Whilst many direct marketing companies fear 'the rise of digital,' Wallace Morgan says that this should not be the case and point out how firms can utilise the rise in digital marketing.

    MANHATTAN, NY, July 18, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Both direct marketing and digital marketing deliver a targeted offer to their audience in hopes of generating a direct response but they are currently taking almost opposing approaches to customer communication. Traditional direct marketers usually start with an offer and then devise they type of consumers most likely to respond to that offer. The key driver of direct marketing success is usually based on targeting. Whereas successful digital marketers take the opposite approach, they start with the list - the bigger the better - and then do their best to match individual offers/content/creative to each individual on the list.

Wallace Morgan has highlighted some of the main benefits to direct marketing:

1. It allows businesses to talk about offers directly with the customers that are the most interested.
2. It can be used to experiment with new markets, test new products and collect information for future campaigns.
3. It is more cost-effective than other types of marketing.
4. It can help build personal connections with customers and achieve fast sales.
5. It can allow the business to focus on specific groups of targeted customers for better results.
6. It can provide direct feedback, which helps to monitor and review the current marketing strategy.
7. The results are quantifiable with a more accurate estimation of conversation rate; this helps the business plan future campaigns more effectively.

In a poll of 580 senior marketing executives globally Accenture found a third tipping digital channels would account for 75% of their media budgets within the next five years. This is the sort of prediction that makes those responsible for traditional channels such as direct marketing extremely worried, but direct marketing firm, Wallace Morgan say that it shouldn't. The firm say that direct marketers should utilise the rise of digital marketing and point out that it could benefit them.

The development driving the marketers to embrace a digital future is data. Data to target, data to personalise, data to analyse return on investment. In other words, it is direct marketing. Direct marketing is still sometimes seen as a negative term, with many believing it to be another name for junk mail but it is a much broader church than that. At the heart of it, it is data-driven communication, as is the same with digital marketing. The rise of digital marketing will also be the rise of direct marketing.

Wallace Morgan is a full service events and promotions firm located in Manhattan, New York. They give companies the chance to streamline their business and cut costs, whilst increasing results and turnover. The firm achieves quality results with professional events, promotions and brand awareness campaigns that are run using direct marketing, face-to-face sales techniques.

About Wallace Morgan:

Wallace Morgan Inc's international team recognized a need in New York for dynamic and personal advertising solutions, and now has a reputation among Fortune 500 clients. As well as the foundation of over 10 years working in marketing and sales; at our core is a solid management group with experience and education in law, accountancy and banking. This has seen early results, client confidence and an influx of business. Already we have outlets and relationships across the United States.

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