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Way Found to Unite the World by a Man from Tucson, Arizona

As our civilization edges closer to peak oil and peak production of many of our limited resources that are required for our societies to function, a way has been found to unite the world toward a common goal of mutual survival.

    TUCSON, AZ, December 25, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It is unnerving to think about the many crises that our world is facing since there does not appear to be an easy solution to see the dangers and problems as opportunities. The crises we face are actually opportunities in disguise in order to unite the world under a common goal of survival.

The world is facing a food shortage, water shortage, oil shortage, gas shortage, paper shortage, steel shortage, aluminum shortage, as well as many other shortages to our limited resources. The world needs a way to control consumption at an individual level so that society at large can reduce demand and become more efficient within our constraints.

The Pen and Paper Diet is a book based on the simple idea that any man or woman of any age can control their weight as long as they keep a personal daily calorie budget. By controlling one's calorie consumption, a person can eat whatever types of foods they enjoy and exercise at their own pace. This book appears to be a disguise to help unite the world through controlling consumption at an individual level.

When asked how the book could help unite the world, Michael Dow, the author of the book said, "Big changes in consumption need small changes to start the process. B.F. Skinner's shaping ideas fit well with our current consumption dilemma. By controlling the amount of food and beverages one consumes, a person can then make an easy transition to controlling other areas in one's life like energy and paper consumption."

Dow is adamant that to make big changes in one's life, we must do so by taking small behavioral changes so that they become part of our habit pattern and not become a fad. "By integrating consumption control into our daily habits," says Dow, "we can work as a team, as a united world to be more resourceful with our limited supplies and help all of our unique and important societies to survive this ever-approaching cliff to disaster and ruin."

"We should not plan on a miracle from God to supernaturally produce more resources," Michael says, "we should become more resourceful with what we have and if a miracle comes, then we should be thankful, but should avoid both psychologically twisting God's arm and maneuvering to ensure only one society is taken care of. All of our societies can provide unique insights to the challenges we are facing and I bet we are going to need all of them to get through this storm that is gathering."

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