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We at the 4th R Foundation Have Developed a Whole New Subject that Teaches Wisdom; We Would Like to Invite Our Leaders in Mainstream Science and Education to Put Our Work Under the Microscope

Researching the insights from religion and philosophy we have uncovered the mystery of wisdom. Wisdom is an innate character trait of the pure self. Thus wisdom education is pure self education. Wisdom education is emotional healing education.

    NEW YORK, NY, August 02, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In spite of all the impressive research on emotional intelligence we have yet to figure out that emotional intelligence at the super mature stage is wisdom. We at the 4th R Foundation have found that the character traits of super mature emotional intelligence are exactly the same as wisdom. As emotional intelligence is a subject of pure science so is wisdom. We can no longer describe wisdom as indefinable. We at the 4th R Foundation have developed our own concept of wisdom through the following insights:

1) From the insights of religion:

As God is the very essence of wisdom let's try to figure out wisdom by trying to figure out the very nature of the very Being of God. By assuming that God has wisdom and all its attributes it boils down to the fact that God is great because God has all these great attributes of wisdom. This implies that God is God because He has these attributes. This means that God is something less and has these jewels; that make him great. But this is not God, He does not need anything to be what He is. He is Who He is. He is God because He is God. He does not need to have anything extra to be God. All this boils down to the fact that He does not just have wisdom, He is wisdom. He is all the attributes of wisdom. So as God is wisdom we can rewrite the following quotation as follows:

"There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work" - 1 Corinthians -12:6

"There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same wisdom at work." - 1 Corinthians - 12:6.

Thus it is very clear that wisdom is supposed to be part of all human behavior and above all part of every human being.

Now as God is wisdom, if we can know the true nature of God we will know the true nature of wisdom.

God Said To Moses, 'I Am Who I Am." - Exodus 3:14

It is very clear that God is saying that He is exactly what He is supposed to be and He is not what He is not supposed to be. God is His Pure Self. There is nothing phony about God. Thus we can clearly determine that God is His pure Self. And God is also wisdom. So wisdom in man boils down to the self being pure. We at the 4th R Foundation have concluded that the path to wisdom education boils down to pure self education. We already have therapies to make the subnormal mind/brain normal; we can use the same to make the normal into the super normal.

2) From the insights of philosophy:

From the perspective of philosophy wisdom cannot be defined in words and the minute it is described in words it is not wisdom. It is accepted that there are three ways to wisdom.

i) One can be born wise:

We have observed that those who are born wise are actually the ones who have had a super mature upbringing. These individuals grow into their pure self without any emotional baggage. Most are exposed to less than a super mature upbringing and thus turn out less than wise. What happens is that as the brain/mind develops in a super mature emotional environment it grows into a physically and emotionally healthy brain/mind. When the brain/mind develops in an emotionally unhealthy environment it accumulates emotional baggage that pollutes the pure self into an over confident or under confident self image. We will have to methodically train parents to become nurturers of wisdom to ensure a wise society.

ii) One can acquire wisdom through experience over a long period of time:

What happens is over a long period of time, by old age most become wise. According to our observation what happens is that the emotional baggage very, very gradually gets ground down and the brain eventually gets free of this reality distorting and self image empowering emotional baggage. So as the emotional baggage becomes less and less the phony overconfident or under confident self image gets deprived of it's source of sustainability and it eventually disappears, enabling the pure self to emerge. Our suggestion to main stream education is that we already have well established scientific ways where we can deliberately grind down the emotional baggage and make the self pure. Why wait, after a life time of emotional struggles, to taste and live a pure life and experience life at the super mature emotional intelligence level when one is over one's prime. We can grind down the emotional baggage in a matter of months. ( This is the 4th R Foundation's fourth way to becoming wise ).

iii) One can learn the wisdom way and follow it thereby living a wise life.

Religion and society have both concluded that as those who are not born wise cannot be made wise they must be controlled by laws. Both try to control ignorance and enforce wise behavior through carrots and sticks. But society and religion have mostly failed for a huge chuck of humanity as we do not understand the true nature of wisdom/ignorance. It is like trying to teach a pig table manners.

Here is the 4th R Foundation's understanding of wisdom:

What is wisdom?

Wisdom is the ability to see, know, understand and above all become what one truly is. Wisdom is the enabling factor that makes the self pure and it is a two way street where it is the pure self that generates wisdom. Wisdom is an expression of the pure brain. Wisdom is the currency with which one lives an authentically pure life. Wisdom is a symptom of the pure self. Wisdom is a fragrance of the brain. It is an innate property of the fully developed humanness potential that is present in every human being. Wisdom is the ability to know and understand reality just as it is. Wisdom is real and can be a part of every life if we take the right steps...

The question is, "What is wisdom made of?"

Wisdom is made up of selflessness. Wisdom is selflessness and selflessness is wisdom. Selflessness is generated by the fully developed emotional intelligence which is generated by the pure brain; a brain that has no emotional baggage in it. It is very clear that to ensure wisdom we need to make the brain free of its emotional baggage, which can be done through established scientific ways of emotional healing.

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