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Wet Room Systems for Accessibility in the Bathroom

Make bathrooms easily accessible and beautiful for those using wheelchairs and those aging in place by modifying a bathroom into a "wet room." Wet Rooms are waterproofed rooms with tiled floors and walls that make accessibility much easier.

Wet Rooms are elegant and beautiful while also being very functional for those who need accessibility in a bathroom.

    LANCASTER, PA, October 26, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Bathroom accessibility rates at the top of the needs list for those who use wheelchairs for mobility or those who are aging in place managing mobility issues. One of the most beneficial modifications for the bathroom is to create a barrier-free Wet Room System. Wet Rooms are elegant and beautiful while also being very functional.

Wet Rooms are waterproofed rooms, normally using tile for the bathroom floor and walls and a glass panel for the shower enclosure portion of the bathroom. The shower also has a center drain inset which is positioned into a gently sloped floor in place of a conventional shower tray, thus making the shower enclosure totally accessible as a roll-in or walk-in space.

Wet Rooms are sometimes referred to as "European Style" bathrooms, due to the heavy use of tile, the modern, open design of the bathrooms and the elegance of the accessories typically used.
Key Elements for a Wet Room:
- Proper structural shower pan
- Waterproofing
- Correct pan slope
- Sufficient ventilation
- Open floor plan

Wet Room Benefits

Wet Rooms have a luxurious lifestyle design that opens up a bathroom and creates more attractive space due to the flow that's made available in an open bathroom. The contemporary design is enhanced with sleek accessories in grab bars and shower seating choices like the Serena Seat Fold-Away Brazilian Walnut Shower Seat from the United Disabilities Services eStore. ... t-18-wide/

The use of tile flooring accommodates floor heating systems, often called radiant heat. Heat emanates from heat mats below the tile and gives the bathroom a steady, even heat that warms everything in the bathroom space. This type of heat is especially good for those dealing with joint pain or arthritis and promotes overall body flexibility and muscle health.

Total Flexibility in bathroom design is available with a Wet Room System as the requirement for a specific shower pan size is eliminated due to the way the drainage area is constructed. A Tuff-Form Pre-formed Tile Base can be installed directly onto concrete, floor joists or sub-flooring and can be cut to any length within 6" of the drain. By using a pre-formed tile base like the Tuff-Form, there is no loss of structural integrity and tile or vinyl flooring can be installed the next day.

When Wet Room Systems are designed with tile on a pre-formed shower base it is much easier to design the bathroom space as specific shower sizes are no longer a criteria. This gives the architect or designer greater latitude and creativity in creating a space that is both beautiful and functional for accessibility.

In addition, the barrier-free accessibility makes it perfect for those using a wheelchair or those aging in place. Grab bars and integrated shower seats can complete the look and aid in the safety and accessibility of the shower space.

The Invisia Collection of products, ranging from an integrated support rail to a towel bar with an integrated support rail, provide safety in accessing the bathroom area, but also give the Wet Room System or open shower bathroom an elegant and upscale feel. The products are available in both chrome and brushed stainless finishes.

The tile design and construction in a wet room requires effective waterproofing to protect the bathroom from moisture damage and leaks. Tuff-Form encourages use of its standard installation kit, which gives your bathroom an excellent finished look and protects it from moisture damage as well. It is also important to have the right ventilation in your bathroom and your home modifications contractor can help you determine the appropriate products for that. ... ith-drain/

Wet Rooms can be Installed Anywhere

Wet Room Systems can be installed in any house or apartment and can be designed to fit your particular space and your specific needs. If the bathroom modification requires level access showering, the shower drain needs to be installed completely into the floor. In some building projects this will not be possible if there isn't enough space beneath the actual floor; for example, if the depth of the flooring screed is insufficient or the wooden joists are not deep enough. An experienced home modifications contractor will be able to identify any problems that might be encountered in completing the design and building of a Wet Room System.

Wet Room Systems can be designed to accommodate specific accessibility needs and can also create a unique, open bathroom that enhances the livability of a home, as well as increasing its value. Bathrooms are one of the most critical rooms in valuing a home and a Wet Room System will add value for the current owner as well as future owners.

United Disabilities Services has years of experience in helping people with disabilities, veterans and those aging in place to create individualized design solutions for home modifications. Products can be found at and the UDS Home Modifications team can be reached at 1-888-428-0240.

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