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What are Personal Vaporizers (Also Known as Lifesaver)?

There is a new line of products on the market that is making waves--more like a tsunami--that is making news all over the world. The products are known by different names, electronic cigarette, e-cig, personal vaporizers, to name a few.

    FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, September 23, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- What are these things and why all the buzz about them?

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A personal vaporizer is a device that looks (in some, but not all cases) like a cigarette and which simulates the experience of smoking in many ways but with a lot fewer problems than smoking causes.

The device is fairly simple in design, consisting of a small rechargeable battery, a heating element, and a cartridge that holds a liquid containing PG (propylene glycol, a common chemical found in food, cosmetic and medicines, and which is considered safe by the FDA) flavoring, which makes the vapor that is produced taste like the smoke produced by burning tobacco (although nothing is burned by these devices) and nicotine, the active ingredient in a cigarette which gives the smoker the familiar "buzz" the smoker is used to. (And which is the principal cause of the cravings the smoker feels when the effects of the nicotine wear off)
The reason these little devices are creating such interest is that they allow a current smoker to continue to enjoy smoking, but with a lot less risk than burning tobacco. Note that they are not intended for non-smokers, nor for anyone under the legal age of smoking. These are for the smoker who does not want, or cannot quit their habit, but want a safer alternative.

For example, the unit, when puffed by the user produces a vapor that has little to no odor, does not produce any secondhand smoke, and the vapor does not contain the thousands of chemicals produced by burning tobacco--including carbon monoxide, and the many known carcinogens that burning tobacco produces. Nor does it produce tar, that lung clogging stuff in cigarette smoke.

The small, hand-held devices also do not cause the risk of burning your house down--and possibly all the people in it, because there is no fire. Simply charge the battery, assemble the device, which is simple to do, put in a cartridge which contains the smoke liquid, commonly called "smoke Juice" by the thousands of people who are currently using them, and puff away, just as one would smoke a traditional cigarette.

Another benefit for the user of e-cigs is that they can be used in many places that ban smoking, because they don't produce secondhand smoke. If I want to use my e-cig in a bar or restaurant in almost all of these establishments will let me use it--especially when I show them how it works, and let them see for themselves that no noxious smoke is emitted.

While the devices are not marketed as smoking cessation devices, there are legions of loyal "vapers" as users of these things call themselves, who have given up their smoking habit in favor of a safer alternative. I know, I am one of them. I smoked two packs a day for more than 40 years before trading in my smelly habit for my electronic version. Since I bought my first e-cig from a distributor of a variety of quality personal vaporizers (Get Your Electronic Vapor Kit), I have not touched a cigarette since, and that has been more than a year--far longer than I have ever been able to quit smoking.

According to a reputable tobacco researcher at Boston University, among other health care professionals, the e-cig is much safer than smoking cigarettes, and that is a good enough reason for me to use them. I know I feel much better than I did when using "analog" cigarettes, the term vapers use for the standard cigarette.

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