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Will American Brands Increase Marketing Performance in 2014? New York Client Solutions Investigates

New York Client Solutions managing director Colin Moore believes that many of the USA's leading household brands are in a strong position to improve their marketing performance this year.

    NEW YORK, NY, February 06, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- New York Client Solutions managing director Colin Moore believes that many of the USA's leading household brands are in a strong position to improve their marketing performance this year.

A recent study by the Fournaise Marketing Group demonstrates that more businesses are pushing for more accurate reporting and demanding higher return on investment. New York Client Solutions believes that brands will be more aware of their marketing spend and overall results, leading to higher performance overall in 2014. The Fournaise Marketing Group's 2013 Global Marketing Effectiveness Program reported that 78% of client CEOs felt that marketers were not doing enough to achieve results, an increase of 8% on the year before. 76% also criticized marketers for being too 'inward looking' and 72% said that agencies were not as data- and science-driven as they would expect, relying instead on 'gut feeling' and 'questionable information'.

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Colin Moore, managing director of New York Client Solutions, believes that 2014 will be the year that corporations demand performance reporting as part of the overall marketing strategy: "In some ways I am surprised that it has taken this long for companies to wake up to the importance of monitoring the results of marketing campaigns. From a financial standpoint, having a firm grasp of the figures means that money can be invested in campaigns that are proven to be effective. Ideally, marketing agencies should be able to sit down with each client and tell them that for every dollar spent, they generate three dollars in revenue, for example. There will be a huge surge in marketing performance this year if this becomes standard practice."

New York Marketing Solutions integrate performance monitoring into their marketing strategy. The firm records data on every interaction with every customer and the outcome of each action. Results are tabulated daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly in order to recognize trends and develop strategies. Managing director Colin Moore believes that the firm's direct marketing strategies are particularly suited to analyzing performance due to the fact that customers are met in person. However, has outlined a methodology for indirect marketers that use predominantly digital and social strategies. Their advice is that social likes and followers are not an indication of revenue generation, and instead urges marketers to focus instead on the amount of organic traffic driven towards the company website, to analyze the source content and origin of leads, and to look at the conversion rate through the funnel from leads to sales.

Colin Moore believes cross-channel marketing will be prominent in 2014; New York Client Solutions has already been approached by companies wishing to introduce direct marketing campaigns to complement their mass-media marketing strategies. "We have been approached by companies that are looking for a variety of marketing approaches in order to have a balanced marketing mix, and New York Client Solutions offers a cost-effective and results-based customer acquisition program which complements existing brand awareness campaigns," says Colin Moore, managing director of New York Client Solutions.

New York Client Solutions provides outsourced sales and marketing strategies using face-to-face brand representation and customer acquisition strategies.

New York Client Solutions is an outsourcing sales and marketing firm for businesses that are looking to boost their weekly sales targets and build their customer base.

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