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Yorkston Oakmont Asks, Are You Altrocentric?

Sales and marketing agency Yorkston Oakmont highlight the important qualities needed in business leaders today, and suggests how 'altrocentrism' may be the future of business leadership.

    HOUSTON, TX, August 21, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- College and university degrees are great for discerning technical skill and intellect, however in a survey by the Association of American Colleges and universities 93% of employers consider the ability to communicate clearly and problem solve more important within leadership. The American workforce is quickly becoming larger and more diverse meaning that many companies are increasing their management teams. Yorkston Oakmont, a Houston-based sales and marketing agency believe that in order to find the best leadership candidates, businesses should look past what is on paper and review their prospects on a more personal level by understanding the importance of altrocentrism in leadership.

Altrocentric leaders don't rely on their authority to get results. This form of leadership is quickly becoming outdated, with a rise in freelance and flexible working hours it's difficult for leaders to be in charge of everyone on their workforce all of the time. Altrocentric leaders recognize the importance of supporting and encouraging today's varied workforce to help workers reach their full potential.

About Yorkston Oakmont:

Great altrocentric leaders don't see themselves as 'in charge'; they only view themselves as part of a 'whole'. Yorkston Oakmont believes this is a vital skill in the current economic climate. As businesses are starting to see opportunities for growth it's important for business leaders to be sharing their knowledge and approach with their workforce in order to inspire them to become great leaders in the future. Learning from experience provides people with greater industry knowledge and learning from an altrocentric leader can help businesses create a strong generation of emotionally intelligent leaders that will help their future growth plans go the distance.

Altrocentric leaders not only benefit their business, but benefit employees too. Their empathy and contextualizing abilities allows them to understand the needs of a diverse workforce and recognize the individual requirements of each worker. By building positive work relationships an altrocentric leader ensures workers are happy in their roles, whilst the business benefits from a high standard of work and an increase in productivity. As part of a 'whole', an altrocentric leader is a productive team player at their core and as such, enjoys seeing others accomplish their goals. This appreciation of others and constant support is a great boost to workplace morale and creates a positive company culture, that spreads through all business processes.

Yorkston Oakmont is a creative and fresh sales and marketing agency based in Houston, Texas. The agency represents their clients through outsourced face to face marketing interactions, which help spread their clients positive brand message and improve customer relationships. With a wealth of industry experience Yorkston Oakmont can support their clients through every stage of their sales and marketing strategy and are an effective and cost effective marketing solution.

With many years of experience in all areas of direct sales, marketing and advertising, Yorkston Oakmont can cover every area from the overall design right the way through to execution and market implementation of a project. Yorkston Oakmont are experts at increasing customer acquisitions and quality sales. Outsourcing to Yorkston Oakmont is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to target new customers.

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