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Yorkston Oakmont's 6 Commandments of Exceptional Customer Service

As the outsourced sales and marketing industry becomes saturated and increasingly competitive, Yorkston Oakmont outline the top six commandments they stand by when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service, in order to outshine competitors.

    HOUSTON, TX, September 04, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Customer service should constantly be at the forefront of a business owners' mind. No matter how great a product or service is, if the customer service is of a poor standard a business is set to lose out to their competitors. Customer service reflects what a business thinks about their customers, and poor or substandard service creates a negative reputation and makes customers feel undervalued. Sales and marketing firm Yorkston Oakmont rely on providing great customer service to ensure they obtain the best possible results for the clients. The firm, based in Houston, Texas believes that taking the time to get to know each individual customer on a more personal level leads to increased customer loyalty and acquisition rates. Learning about the customer through honest face to face communication allows Yorkston Oakmont to tailor the customer experience to suit individual needs and preferences. This approach to customer service is in stark contrast to the technological advancements and dehumanization of the consumer and retail industries in recent years and has been proven to have an impressive success rate.

To help others to improve their customer service strategies and values, Yorkston Oakmont has shared their 6 commandments of customer service. The firm hope these commandments will encourage business to review their customer service approach, and inspire businesses to go that extra mile for their customers.

1) Allow customer feedback to guide the business.
Customers like to feel connected to their favourite brand, and being allowed the opportunity to give feedback and suggestions is a great way for businesses to build connections with their customers. This will not only benefit the customer, but by knowing exactly what the customers want, businesses can create a tailor made product or service safe in the knowledge it will be well received by consumers.

2) Personalise and improve interactions on all channels.
Many consumers hold back from complaining about a product due to the amount of their time calling the company will waste. Yorkston Oakmont believes the key to great service is personalising all forms of communication. Keeping track of a customer preferred method of contact can help businesses stay connected without being invasive. If a customer query requires the help of more than one department, a business should make a special effort to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible and ensure each representative is fully aware of the query and how to help the customers.

3) Create a distinct experience.
Customers are attracted to a brands message and values; therefore it's important to uphold these individual values by creating a distinct customer service experience. Yorkston Oakmont believes that businesses should be proud of their unique personality, and they should use it throughout the customer experience.

4) Explore new ways to engage.
There is no point in a business appealing for customer feedback if they don't use it. Businesses should be constantly looking for new ways to engage with their customers, and feedback is a great way if finding out what customer like and dislike.

5) Be Proactive.
It is now easier than ever for businesses to track customer data, therefore there are no excuses for not making the most of emerging consumer trends. Looking at call records and buying habits regularly can help businesses streamline their processes, improve productivity and stay ahead of their competitors.

6) Ensure customer service is a key component in company culture.
Companies who encourage and nurture a positive company culture are likely to see this culture flow all the way through to their customer service. Positivity is contagious and by ensuring a workforce is happy and respected means that customer are likely to feel the same way too.


Yorkston Oakmont are a sales and marketing firm that specialise in face to face direct marketing. The firm based in Houston, Texas are experts in raising clients' customer acquisition and retention rates, as well and improving overall brand awareness.

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