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Zenith Ideas Announce Customer Service Recovery Strategy

There are many factors that could negatively impact a business and tarnish their reputation. Sales and Marketing Firm Zenith Ideas believe that businesses can recover from bad experiences by reviewing their customer service strategies.

    DUBLIN, IRELAND, August 07, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Customer service is the practice of identifying and fulfilling customers' needs. Any successful business will understand the importance of ensuring customers are happy as they simply wouldn't be able to function without them. With so many competing enterprises great customer service can be what makes a business stand out and customers will actively seek out reviews of a business to find any underlying customer service concerns.

Customers don't get to see what goes on behind closed doors, therefore customer service is their only interaction with a company and it reflects what they believe the business' core values to be. Good service represents a company that holds honestly and caring at its core which leads to long lasting customer relationships. Zenith Ideas believe that customer loyalty is the key to business success. Loyal customers make great marketers and their word of mouth recommendations can bring a business a wealth of new leads. Long standing customers are also far more likely to make larger purchases and spend more, safe in the knowledge they can fully trust the business to deliver on their promises.

However, it's easy for customer service to break down. When a business feels comfortable with its position in the market standards can sometimes slip, likewise if a business is struggling customer service can sometimes take a hit as focus shifts to keeping the business afloat. There are also many issues businesses can't predict such as failings in technology and staff mistakes which can have a serious effect on a business's customer service reputation. Zenith Ideas believe that these incidents can in fact be a boost to a business, providing them with the opportunity to review and improve their customer service strategies and build stronger connections with customers. In order to help other businesses recover from a customer service breakdown, the firm have announced the following recovery strategy with the aim of turning a bad experience into an opportunity to grow as a business.

Apologise - Many businesses apologise for mistakes but most fail at apologising sincerely. There's a difference between saying 'sorry' and 'sorry you feel that way' as the latter is refusing to acknowledge any responsibility for the mistake. Businesses should ensure their staff listen to customers and can see the experience from their point of view.

Review the situation - This involves taking the time to fully listen to a customer's needs. If one customer finds an issue with something chances are another will too, customers can usually offer helpful solutions to problems, they just require a business to listen to them.

Aim to fix - All issues should be followed up the same day. Keeping the customer updated shows that the business cares and hasn't abandoned them. After an issue has been resolved it's a good move to check in on the customer to show their cooperation is appreciated.

Document - Documenting issues helps identify reoccurring areas or services in need of improvement, and ensures all staff members are on the same page.

Zenith Ideas specialise in direct face to face marketing solution. The firm help their clients create stronger customer connections and improve brand awareness. Face to face marketing involves approaching the customer directly and requires a high level of customer service. This approach allows businesses to resolve any issues quickly and respond to customer queries almost instantly which leads to improved customer relationships and brand reputation.

About Zenith Ideas:

Zenith Ideas is a Dublin based direct marketing firm who specialise in face to face customer interactions to market their clients products and services. The firms experienced sales team create strong lasting customer relationships which help increase customer retention rates and ROI.

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